Canadian Political Party calls for SPP Inquiry

NDP calls for inquiry into Montebello security allegations

Thu 23 Aug 2007 | Printer friendly

OTTAWA – NDP MPs Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster) and Libby Davies (Vancouver East) are calling on the federal government to hold a public inquiry into the allegations that agent provocateurs were used during Monday’s protest in Montebello, Quebec.

A letter to the Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day was issued earlier today.

Please see attached letter.

Hon. Stockwell Day
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister,

As Members of Parliament we are writing you with great concern regarding the allegations of the use of agents provocateurs during the peaceful protests against the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America summit on August 20, 2007 at Montebello, Quebec.

Along with hundreds of other Canadian citizens who participated in the Monday protest, we were both alarmed at the enormous police presence. We are more shocked at the allegations that inside agents, appearing to be working with riot police, attempted to provoke a violent incident during the peaceful demonstration. Video and photograph evidence has led to many unanswered questions.

We are calling on you as Minister to order an immediate inquiry to uncover whether or not agent provocateurs were used at the peaceful protests in Montebello.

If agent provocateurs were present, the public deserves answers to valid questions, including:

* Who are the three individuals alleged to be agent provocateurs?
* Was the Government of Canada informed that such measures would be used as part of the security detail at the summit?
* Were the RCMP or other security forces at the summit, including from the US, privy to the use of such a security tactic?
* Who was responsible for providing direction to the agents? , Were the agents directed to use force and/or violent means to disrupt the peaceful protest?
* Finally, if agent provocateurs were used, what was the expected outcome in deliberately trying to destabilize a democratic protest in Canada?

We believe these are critical questions that cannot go ignored - questions that concern the relationship between state security forces and the potential infringement of democratic rights to peaceful assembly protest and to freedom of expression. As Dave Coles, President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union said “in a free and democratic society, people have the right to peacefully protest something they don't like.”

We trust as the Minister for Public Security you will uphold your responsibility to show accountability and maintain public trust.


Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East

Peter Julian
MP Burnaby-New Westminster

The Miami Model

This is highly recommended viewing. Similar techniques were used during the Miami FTAA Protest in 2003. This film documents some of that.

"The Miami Model"

9/11 activists definitely need to be aware of these techniques, for they will surely be deployed again. The Union leader at Montebello had the right idea, when "activists", start picking up stuff to throw, shout 'em down. The only thing that throwing bottles and rocks at riot cops is going to do is ensure that batons and tear gas rain down on your heads.


I've been concerned about this for some time now, the possibility that the police will plant provocateurs inside 9/11 Truth squads and protests.

If you are doing a Truth action or protest and see one of your numbers about to engage in any form of violence, inoculate yourselves against them. Shout them down and/or report them immediately to the police and point them out to the media.
Naturally, film yourselves doing this and be sure to catch everything on film the provocateurs are doing just to make sure a record exists of your lawfulness and of their criminalities.

BTW, the cops' using provocateurs is nothing new. It's just a variation on the false flag motif.

They did it in Genoa, Seattle, and at Free Trade Area of Americas protests in Miami in 2003 to name just a few places the cops use this tactic.

I recommend everyone watch Police State 2: The Takeover. It documents the police in Seattle's use of provocateurs as a pretext to crush the peaceful protests against the WTO.

Go Canada! US Two-Party

Go Canada!

US Two-Party System ~= Communism with Bipolar Disorder

Go Canada! US Two Party

US Two-party system= Nazism with few disorders

NYC on 9/11/07

What do you suppose they'll be doing at gz when we all meet up there on 9/11/07? The key is to not let anybody provoke you in any way, just walk away from them. Last year I only had a guy call me an asshole and another guy walk into me cursing under his breath. This is to be expected. I just ignored them. Looking forward to marching with fellow truthers next month, hope everybody can come.

agents admitted,. but 'not provocatoures'

Ok the police agency is now admiting that the three are cops,. however they are attempting to spin this new admission (that comes right after all the deniles) as a normal procedure, to have plain clothes agents collecting intel from within the protest,. . this spin does not explain the video evidence that they refused to drop the rocks they had when repeatedly told to do so by actual citizen protesters,. or why they had rocks and fighting gear (gloves and shin protection) to begin with,. it does not seem to me that observation of the protesters requires masks, rocks, and fighting gear,. . Inciting violence at a peacefull protest by agents of the governement is not a democratic activity, it is police state, fascist attemptes to delagitmize people protesting and throught the instigation of violence keep more people from legitimatly voicing their decent to gov. actions and policies in future,. . some people need fireing.

Don't forget one of them had

Don't forget one of them had an empty beer bottle in his back pants pocket -

hi-res pic - looks like a Corona
11/11 - Never Forget - Fetzer Flips


The provocateurs are wearing riot gear issue boots....

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Lawyers' Consultation would be helpful.

All activists should be aware of these tactics and the appropriate responses. We should realize that democracy is something that some people hate and will do anything to disrupt, this is one example as is the CIA actions in Chile, etc etc. And finally we need to get some lawyers involved in prosecuting these law enforcement officials if at all possible. They are probably protected under some 'police state' law, but I sure as hell know that impersonating a cop and starting trouble would land most of us in jail. This behavior by agent provacateurs or whatever should be publicized, but we should also work to end it through the judicial system. Peace.

Non-violent direct action is the best way to bring about social change. YouTube and the internet really help in the cause as well.

Great letter - we shd do same in Portland, OR~

No time to go into it, but the use of provocateurs seems a practice of the Portland Police Department, for similar purposes.

Great job getting right on this abusive behavior...we should have done so months ago!

sharpen your #2 pencil

o boy!!! another letter.. that will teach those bad guys _________ <--- insert eye roll

I'm afraid it's gone beyond letters...

Quebec police defend undercover officers

Quebec provincial police are standing behind three officers who went undercover during protests at the recent Montebello summit, saying the men weren't there to provoke demonstrators.

"At no time did the officers in question engage in provocation or incite anyone to commit violent acts," Insp. Marcel Savard told a news conference in Montreal on Friday.

The police admitted Thursday afternoon that three masked men caught on video Monday afternoon pushing toward a line of riot police, despite protesters' efforts to stop them, were the force's officers.

The protesters were demonstrating against an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership that was being discussed by U.S. President George Bush, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Montebello Monday and Tuesday.

Savard acknowledged that one of the officers was given a rock by protesters but did not use it.

"One of the extremists gave the rock to one of our police officers and he had a choice to make," Savard said. "He was asked by extremists to throw the rock at the police, but never had any intention of using it."

Yeah right.

Quebec Provincial Police are a Thuggish Gang of Criminal Liars

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day made very similar outright lying comments:

"Quebec police defend officers' actions at summit,", August 24 2007

Excerpt from the above article:

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day, meanwhile, continued to brush of questions about a call for a public inquiry.

"The thing that was interesting in this particular incident, three people in question were spotted by protesters because were not engaging in violence," Day said Friday in Vancouver.

"They were being encouraged to throw rocks and they were not throwing rocks, it was the protesters who were throwing the rocks. That's the irony of this," said Day, adding the actions were substantiated by the video that he has seen of the protests.

"Because they were not engaging in violence, it was noted that they were probably not protesters. I think that's a bit of an indictment against the violent protesters."

Below is my response that I posted in the comment section of the above article. Let's see if will approve my below comment for posting or if they will choose to be censors in protection of their corrupt government (but then, the phrase "corrupt government" is a redundancy).


The police and military have been caught staging riots using their own agents provocateurs time and time again, such as with the 1999 World Trade Organisation in Seattle, the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, etc. This is an ancient tactic of statecraft: stage violent acts so as to have a pretext to crack down on the rights of the masses and smear your opponents. Watch journalist Alex Jones's Police State II documentary (available free by doing a search) where you can watch how the police and military staged the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle from beginning to end.

And notice how Stockwell Day outright lies and amazingly attempts to spin this event to the government's favor by perfidiously saying that his agents provocateurs were called out by the protesters because they were refusing to engage in violence! To be sure, the protesters who called out Stockwell Day's treacherous thugs were perfectly peaceful and were clearly making the point at the time of the incident that they didn't want the violence Day's agents provocateurs were attempting to incite (as indeed the video evidence clearly shows).

So not only does Stockwell Day's rock-wielding, mask-wearing thugs get called out as the agents provocateurs they are by the peaceful protesters, but to crown all Stockwell Day has the gall to attempt to cover up his and his thugs' criminality by besmirching the good names of the peaceful protesters!

Stockwell Day and his gang of criminal thugs need to go to prison for many, many years. Then he'll have plently of time to think about why such gangsterish and thuggish tactics by the government are wrong, and why attempting to cover up his and his gang's criminality by slandering good people is wrong.


"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006