Debating 9/11: Barrett-Brown round 2, Balsamo Challenges Coburn & Meigs

Nobody wants to debate against 9/11 truth...except John Brown! Round two of the Barrett-Brown Debate will be broadcast live today, Friday August 24th, 3-5 p.m. CT, Network 2

It's hard to find a good opponent these days. Rob Balsamo of just issued a debate challenge to "debunkers" Davin Coburn And James Meigs. Below is my response.:


Good luck - I doubt these cowards will take you up on it though.

I've been looking for debate opponents for years. Last year the History Association at the University of Wisconsin-Madison canvassed several departments, including History and Political Science, and couldn't find a single professor willing to debate me. Steve Nass, the State Representative who tried to get me fired, and who claimed I had no evidence to back my position on 9/11, repeatedly refused debate proposals from me and from a Madison radio station. For articles on these efforts, see:

Last week I finally found a guy with Special Forces experience and intelligence connections named John Brown who admits that the 9/11 Commission Report is a coverup, but who argues that 9/11 was not an inside job. Listen to the debate by clicking on the August 18th show at The debate continues in print and pictures at Scroll down to the articles.

Now John Brown is back for more! Round two of the Barrett-Brown debate will take place today, Friday, August 24th, 3-5 pm CT, at -- click on Network 2.

I still hope to find someone to defend the official version, i.e. the 9/11 Commission Report, in a real, forensic debate. But I'm not holding my breath.


On Aug 24, 2007, at 12:17 AM, Pilots For Truth (Rob Balsamo) wrote:

Subject: Davin Coburn And James Meigs: Pay Close Attention

Im coming for you...

Ever debated someone who knows what they are talking about?

You are about to engage in the experience...

The words, "This call may be recorded for quality purposes" will be your tip off to run, or engage. I wish you luck. You're gonna need it from what i seen of you.

(i post this here to give fair warning as i have learned i do not like to engage others in a battle of wits who are unarmed. I enjoy a challenge. Davin and James, do not disappoint me. Be prepared. Im coming)

The above sent through...

I want someone who is prepared. Meigs and Davin are amateurs in my opinion. I hope they will be prepared for the crushing of their lives.. (metaphorically speaking of course as we are a non-violent organization).

If anyone would like to supply contact information for Meigs and/or Coburn, please forward it to Phone numbers and street addresses accepted only to speed up the process. We will eventually gather the information.

Coburn and Meigs, be sure to consult FBI and NTSB prior to our engagement. You're going to need it.

Rob Balsamo

cc: Core members and media outlets (feel free to forward the above to these two jokers if you have their contact info so they are prepared when i decide to spank their ass)