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For those of us who can't wait until tomorrow night for the scheduled History Channel hit piece, '9/11 Conspiracies, Fact or Fiction?' Bit torrent comes to the rescue. I have yet to see it myself, but if we all chip in and seed the torrent, the downloads should pick up speed.

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History Channel's Fact or Fiction

Just watching this now on television. It is such utter BS. Not enough time to disect the whole movie and its terrible job at debunking the Conspiracies. Not one point actually made. This actually just made it more clear to us that there indeed was a conspiracy. Not only is the only source used in the examination POPULAR MECHANICS- Which is Surprisingly Enough Owned by the HEARST Company. The same company that owns the History Channel! The CEO of the Hearst Company (Victor Ganzi) also sits as co-chair of the Partnership for NYC....alongside The CEO of CITIGROUP. If your familiar with ZEITGEIST MOVIE- This would really ring a bell in your head.

Good Production Quality - Bad Content

They interviewed a lot of different people, and it was nicely edited, but the content was almost pure unadulterated BS.

Conspiracy theory. Conspiracy Theorists claim... Conspiracists say... Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy!!!

Cue Music:
"No that's not true" (Begging the question)
That's silly (We're smarter than the conspiracy theorists!)
The government is too incompetent!
We're an EXPERT! See the Graphic!

Some good smears in it like
Fetzer and his faked Zapruder film book

In the final analysis, it's so bad it will help the Truth movement.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

The infamous Amy Goodman clip

The biggest problem with addressing the fallacious statements in this program is that there are so many of them. Here are a few observations I've already made. First of all, Lester Holt begins the whole thing by showing a clear bias. "We'll hear from those promoting theories, and from those challenging them." The insinuation is that explanations other than '19 zealots with box-cutters' are "theories" whereas the OCT is "fact". We are, of course, using the vulgar definition of the word "theory" here.

At 00:30:05 we find the infamous clip of Amy Goodman from Democracy Now running in terror as the pyroclastic cloud rolls her way from the collapse of WTC 7, except it cuts away just before Amy shows up.

There is a review of their first Shanksville debacle here:

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Whoops! My bad!

At 1:06:37 we can see the whole clip with Amy in it.

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Charles B. Strozier History Professor, John Jay College

At 00:04:05 we find Charles B. Strozier, History Professor, John Jay College psychoanalyzing people he has never met. Who is this guy?


John Jay College of Criminal Justice lost 67 students and alumni in the World Trade Center disaster. That loss, and the increased interest in terrorism on the part of concerned citizens, prompted John Jay College to create the Center on Terrorism in late 2001. The goals of the Center are to study terrorism conceptually in ways that are familiar and appropriate for a university and to identify the practical applications of that knowledge in the search for alternative forms of human security. Such a blend of scholarship and commitment is particularly relevant for John Jay College, the leading institution in the country in the field of criminal justice and public safety, and one of the few institutions to offer M.A. students a certificate in the critical study of terrorism.

- Charles B. Strozier, Director

Charles B. Strozier is a professor of history at John Jay College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He is also a practicing psychoanalyst and a training and supervising psychoanalyst at TRISP in New York. Much of his work has focused on apocalyptic violence and related issues of terrorism, including Apocalypse: On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America (Beacon, 1994, newly issued 2002). He co-edited three books with Michael Flynn in 1996 and 1997: Genocide, War, and Human Survival; Trauma and Self; and The Year 2,000: Essays on the End. He has also written widely about Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War, e.g., Lincoln's Quest for Union: Public and Private Meanings (1982, new edition 2001), and aspects of the history of psychoanalysis, e.g. Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst (2001). Strozier is deeply involved in the mission of the Center on Terrorism. He is directing the center's major psychological study of the World Trade Center disaster, as well as a number of studies that are underway on subjects as varied as "The Mind of the Terrorist," "Therapists and 9/11," and "The Meaning of Security in Homeland Security." He teaches a two-course sequence on terrorism that focuses in its first semester on issues of politics and history, and in the second semester on the more psychological aspects of terrorism and apocalyptic violence. Finally, Strozier actively runs the Terrorism Seminar Series that is geared primarily for graduate students in criminal justice and especially those working for the "M.A. Certificate Program in Terrorism."

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ZOG Ate Chip's Brains


Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates. Here's his Blog: Chip Berlet, and some biographical information:

Chip Berlet is senior analyst at Political Research Associates in the Boston area. Berlet is co–author of Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort (Guilford, 2000) and editor of Eyes Right! Challenging the Right Wing Backlash (South End Press, 1995), both of which received a Gustavus Myers Center Award for outstanding scholarship on the subject of human rights and bigotry in North America.

This is a sample of his 9/11 "debunking" work: The ZOG Ate My Brains:Conspiracy theories about Jews abound. Chip Berlet unpacks their appeal.

Michael Schermer Skeptic : The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine Yammers a bit about JFK and how we needed a bigger explanation so we invented one. HC then tells us that hundreds of investigative reports came to a similar conclusion. Never mind the Church Commission.


Douglass Brinkley, Historian, Tulane University. Claims Pearl Harbor was really a surprise. Others disagree: PEARL HARBOR MOTHER: OF ALL CONSPIRACIES


Davin Coburn, Research Editor, Popular Mechanics addresses the "4,000 Jews" rumor while we are shown an image of a Focal Point Press web page with this quote from Shimon Perez: The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack., followed by what appears to be the body of a September 12, 2001 article from The Jerusalem Post. That page seems to no longer be on Irving's website, but this one did show up when searching for the same text: Real History, Insurers, and the World Trade Center. In the article, Irving quotes the New York Times from September 22, 2001 as follows:

But interviews with many consulate officials Friday suggested that the lists of people they were collecting varied widely in their usefulness.

For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks.But Friday, Alon Pinkas, Israel's consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel.

There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried.

This author cannot provide an exact quote, but does recall Irving stating very explicitly that the "Jews told to stay home" rumor was unsubstantiated and should be verified or put to rest.

The fact that one of the two Israelis allegedly killed on one of the planes was Daniel Lewin, as well as the exact details of how he was reportedly killed are highly suspicious in themselves.

HC made no mention of the Odigo instant messages sent to warn subscribers of an immanent terrorist attack. Nor do they mention the arrest of 5 Urban Moving Systems Inc. employees. Nor any of the other conspicuous events surrounding Israelis and 9/11.

The only place this author ever encountered the "4,000 Jews" rumor was on the US State Department's web site. Methinks the existence of the rumor is nothing but a rumor.

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Richard Perle, Hollinger International Inc. & Odigo

Just to flag a thought.
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