History Channel Hit Piece (Full Program)

If you've seen the BBC Documentary Conspiracy Files: 9/11, then you can surmise what the style of this documentary is.

Thanks for uploading this

But man does this make my blood boil.

I didn't catch it on TV, so I've been waiting for an upload. I won't waste time on a lengthy deconstruction: it's pretty obvious from the smell that this is pure bullsh*t.

I would like to note one thing. When discussing the collapse of the towers (and, as usual, ignoring all of the non-CD evidence for 9/11 Truth), at one point a Pop Mechanics "expert" says that the fires in the towers burned up to 1100 degrees (F). Here's what the NIST report said:

"None of the recovered steel samples showed evidence of exposure to temperatures above 600 degrees C for as long as 15 minutes." – NIST, p. 180

In other words, only SOME of the steel samples reached that temperature, and they did so for LESS THAN 15 MINUTES.

Is this engineer really suggesting that 10 minutes of hydrocarbon fires at 600 C is enough to weaken multiple floors of steel trusses and interior columns so that they all fail simultaneously in a freefall collapse? If he is, then every skyscraper in the world is a freakin house of cards.

And fires burned for a max of 20 minutes in any one spot

"Both the results of the multiple workstation experiments and the simulations of the WTC fires showed that the combustibles in a given location, if undisturbed by the aircraft impact, would have been almost fully burned out in about 20 min."

(p. 198)

In other words, fires of any temperature burned in any gven location for a shorter period of time than a Finnish midsummer bonfire does. How could a 20-minute fire have been able to weaken a single steel support? That is just ridiculous. I don't think enough attention has been paid to this statement by NIST.

One other thing that I found really distracting

Why did the History Channel keep showing this animation of AA77 hitting the Pentagon in a manner that not even the 9/11 Commission believes? In their animation, AA77 plunges into the Pentagon without coming anywhere near the road or the light poles. It dive bombs instead of gliding over the road. In fact, in the HC animation AA77 doesn't even hit the bottom of the Pentagon; it crashes almost into the roof.

Or was this animation made by "expert" Davin Coburn, fresh from his high school graduation?




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