Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

It's on the tip of everyone's tongue. I just gave it a name.


I've been challenging people to talk about 9/11 Truth via my blog. I wanted to encourage others to do the same: write a blog post to someone waking them up to 9/11 Truth (just be sure to link to them in your post and click on the link a few times so you show up in their site stats). A personalized message can be very effective in waking people up, and more importantly, getting them to join us.

If you don't have a blog, or even if you do, you can write letters to bloggers to wake them up on the Truth Bullies web site.

Great targets would be anyone participating in Blog Action Day (BAD), a day in which people whine about the environment (read about it Hopefully they'll choose to talk about the environmental problems after 9/11 (instead of something fake like global warming).

Click here for a full list of people participating in Blog Action Day.

Also, when you link to evidence, you can link to other Truth sites (i.e. Prison Planet, 911 Blogger, What Really Happened, etc). This will help increase the visibility of those sites, which we'll need to beat the disinfo agents.

Put a Truth Bullies Badge On Your Site

If you have your own web site, you can embed a Truth Bullies badge on your site. Click here to check out a collection of badges we have.

Businesses: Sponsor Truth Bullies

GeorgeWashington recently asked what we can do in terms of support for each other. I think money is the biggest issue; life becomes much more comfortable when you have some extra cash tucked away. With this in mind, I wanted to create a way for businesses to support 9/11 Truth. I also think that with the Truther population continuing to grow, reaching Truthers -- and earning their trust by showing a willingness to embrace 9/11 Truth -- could be a legitimate proposition to businesses. Also, I would like to create revenue earning potential for Truth bloggers.

In this way, we can create a Truth-industrial complex to defeat the military-industrial complex.

If you're interested in learning how Truth Bullies can help you reach the 9/11 Truth community, or if you are a professional Truther who wants to earn money by spreading the Truth, fill out the form to stay updated.

Questions, comments, hate mail, love away. :)

The absolute worst approach

The idea of bullying people into conforming to your idea of truth is the most offensive suggestion I have yet to see come out of any truther.

Remember the Maine!

Too right

Isn't "bullying" the unaccountable authoritarianism what we're supposed to be stopping?

I get the "using the Devil's tools", and all, when you have to, but let's not go out of our way to "become our enemy".

I hate to lean on this, cause I think he's trying to be quirky and imaginative. But I just don't think this is the best way. Sort of like "soft bullhorning". I don't think it's going to work, mate.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

fair enough, thanks for the

fair enough, thanks for the feedback. my main objective is to try to find a way to make 9/11 truth cool. there are literally tens of millions of people who know 9/11 is an inside job -- but when you go to a street action, it's the same dozen people over and over. i think to truly go mainstream 9/11 Truth has to become fashionable. that is why i find loose change to be so promising -- it has the aura of coolness, of fashionability.

also trying to find a way to start a 9/11 ad network. but, in order for that to be effective, publishers first need to sign on, and then advertisers need to sign on. publishers have no incentive to sign on in the beginning (as there are no advertisers) so i was thinking "blog bling" could be the basis of a publisher network, which could then turn into an ad network once enough publishers signed on.