When Will Americans Have Had Enough

I hate to say it

but I also don't know what it will take to wake some Americans up. Perhaps a nuclear bomb detonated in one of our cities and the NWO boys caught in the act? At first I figured the truth about 9/11 being an inside job would do the trick but now I even wonder about that. It seems that we have forgotten the words of our last real president. "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." I think it is about time Americans start to heed these words.

“Freedom is not free.” “For evil to conquer, good men need to do nothing.”

Excellent video Chuck!

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Good question!

Somehow, I don't think there would be any significant response even if they would announce it on TV -- Yes, 9/11 was an inside job! People would just say: Oh, ok, I am glad it was cleared up! -- and move to the next channel. Land of the brave and the free? Sure! Land of the timid and witless! I can fully understand why Cindy Sheehan gave up her anti-war activism. Nobody simply gives enough shit! Everybody clings to their paychecks and to their pathetic "reputation".

I am sure, there are many more people who are fully aware that 9/11 was an inside job than those that have spoken up so far. Most of the demolition experts, structural engineers, air traffic controllers, lawyers, detectives etc., in other words, people who have either relevant expertise or have enough logical skills to put the 2+2 together, must be aware of that, but have chosen to be quiet so far.

People living under totalitarian rule around the world have an excuse at least -- they are held down by force, whereas American public is submitting to tyranny willingly. It is really astounding that so many people who are otherwise well-meaning human beings, are content with living a lie -- knowingly, willingly and without being under any physical threat. Really, really pathetic!

pathetic is the correct word,. it is embarasing really.

I must agree,. what is wrong with america? many more people must know the '9/11 truth' than are letting on, are they afraid?? Are they just trying to ring the last bit of enjoyment out of life befor it all goes into utter chaos,. the econimic collapse is currently happening, it will simply take time befor the reality catches up with all of us. or are the majority of americans really as dumb as they seem?!? are the just HOPING for things to some how get better all by themselves?
I'm hoping that the governement HAS been spraying mindcontrol pharmocuticles from the comercial flights,.(chemtrails) at least then the american people will have had some sort of excuse,. . otherwise all I have is a feeling of utter contempt for the pathetic inactivity of the american people as freedom and rights where one by one taken off the law books ,. and the same fascism the once took power in europe again took power in america! Pathetic.

"your HOPE is NOT a plan, no majic wand." - cool calm pete hip hop track,.

I couldn't find that track but this one is equaly good;

How do we wake these people up? It apeares that there is just no way,. AMERICANS defending torture?! what the hell, .

See the result of...

60 years of brainwashing through the dumbinizer box. And still, they do want more!


The people don't care about 9/11

I'm about ready to cover my 911 Was... bumper sticker with something that says You Snooze You Lose, or IDIOTS RULE! or something. I've just about given up on people.
They are too stupid to realize that it's going to come back to bite them in the ass.
And also, they don't want the responsibility of knowing.
Stupid asshole sheeple. They almost deserve what's coming.

yeah it is sad,. but we must keep going!

I am manic i suppose as some times im all fired up to get the news out,. and then some frustrating news and im right where you are and i was last night,. why the hell do we even try to convince these ungreatfull dimwited fools of the truth when they just riddicule and go about their day rapeing the planet and supporting torture and genocidal fools who have stolen power,. however I suppose we must continue as we do have the truth and facts and rartionalty on our side and if things are going to get better at all we must continue to struggle to change minds and actions and governments,. its is just tough to take as we see people suffering and dieing and governemet goes down all the wrong roads and seems very intent on making matters go from bad to worse,. all i can say is don't give up as then you will stop being part of the sollution and become a part of the problem!

Liberties lost

When Will Americans Have Had Enough?

When there is no more fast food.