911TSL Preview I

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The history channel (co-owned by the hearst corporation) ran a two hour piece last week, entitled '9/11 Conspiracies - Fact or Fiction?', in which the editorial staff of Popular Mechanics (also owned by the hearst corporation) were presented as 'experts', nobly 'debunking' various claims cherry-picked from among the thousands of unanswered questions, unaddressed concerns, unresolved anomalies of September 11th, 2001.

The piece featured Purdue's CG simulations of the fluid distribution analysis from AA77 @ the Pentagon, and the more recent World Trade Center impact and core column damage simulation.

Additionally, two other CG animations accompanied the hearst corporation's presentations of the 'conspiracy theories' involving United 93, and American 77 and the occupants of Wedge 1 of the Pentagon.

This entry focuses on the animation for the impact of United flight 93.

here, the history channel shows their version of United 93's last seconds before impact. notice the extremely shallow angle of descent, which would be counter-indicated by dozens of empirical, observable facts - among them the impact crater, the fact that the 'black boxes' were found roughly 30ft beneath the surface, and the fact that one of these black boxes, the Flight Data Recorder, showed that the pitch and attitude of the aircraft at impact was 40 degrees, nose down, inverted, as illustrated here in this model of United 93 built in Second Life:

why bother showing such extravagant animations, if they're not going to be factually accurate? more 9/11 research coming relatively soon..