Second Meeting of the Italian 911 Truth Movement - 9/8/2007

(A report on last year's 9/11 meeting in Italy is available here. -rep.)

Second Meeting of the Italian 911 Truth Movement

Rome, Villaggio Globale Center
Saturday 8th September 2007

The Truth in the Inside Job, the Lie in the Conformist Alignment with the Official Version.
Working for the Future of the 911 Truth Movement

Six years after September 11th 2001, the 911 Truth Movement has become a network of activists, scholars and websites whose actions have caused more than a crack in the mainstream media wall. Now we can state, at least, that the truth (911 was an inside job) is no more an unspeakable taboo like it certainly was only two or three years ago.

Nevertheless, both in the United States and in Europe, the mind assets of western civilization (mainstream intellectuals, politicians, journalists and so on) persist in their conformist alignment with the official version. The cover up and the lie are openly bringing up to prepare people for next false flag deceptions. Among these mind assets, leftist think tanks are playing with trickiness their gatekeeper games, but they are failing in dissimulating their real nature of fake opposition.

Facing this situation, the Italian 911 Truth Movement will rally in Rome on 9-8 to discuss how to get a real co-ordination among groups of activists both in Italy and in Europe. The common goal is the building of an international commission for a meticulous, profound investigation of the entire affair.

PROGRAMME (in draft)
More info at and

18.30 – 20.30
Round table. Open discussion among groups of activists of the Italian 911 Truth Movement. Emanuele Montagna (Faremondo) and Paolo Pioppi ( moderate the discussion. With scheduled contributions by:
- Webster Griffin Tarpley, author of 911 Synthetic Terror. Made in Usa, on Skype;
- Julez Edward, the organizer and coordinator of the European Truth Protest Rally (Brussels, 9/9), on Skype;
- Gruppo Zero, the film-makers of Zero. Inchiesta sull’11 settembre (Zero. Investigation on 911), directed by Giulietto Chiesa and Franco Fracassi;
- Massimo Mazzucco, editor of and author of 11 settembre 2001. Inganno globale (911. Global Deception), on Skype.

20.30 – 21.30
Pause (showing a selection of 911 videos)

21.30 – 22.30
UnDC-9, stage play on 911 produced by Faremondo, with Gabriele Ciampichetti, Rita Felicetti and Alex Turra. Directed by Gabriele Ciampichetti

Welcome from the "Australian Truth Movement"

I wish you every success!!

Chow John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

I also wish you well.

From my head and heart I wish you much success.
It is my understanding that there are quite a few of our international neighbors who can see through the scams.
As a concerned American I welcome any assistance you can provide to us to help restore honesty and peace to the world.