BBC World Radio "WorldHaveYourSay" airs 911 truth to millions

14:00 EDT

Jason Bermas and Dave von Kleist just exposed millions of listeners around the world to 911 debate.

Listen to the audio or download mp3 file (conversion by u2r2h)

I suspose its not really

I suspose its not really that interesting that millions of foreigners listened.

I suspect in the USA, this programme has very few listeners.

Did anyone hear it "on the air" or streamed?

Direct link to download and comment blog...

Was only on for a short'ish time, I thought DVK was a bit of a let down, Jason Bermas did cool though.

I thought the BBC "BIG explosion" guy "Steve Evans" was a dickhead, I thought he would be more fair minded, but c'est la vie.

Certainly a bit different...


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