It's No Wonder 911 Happened... and It's No Wonder it's Going to Happen Again

For all of us who see that the official 911 narrative as really just an 'easy-to-swallow' control pill, it may be extremely hard for us to fathom why the designers of such a plan would be so cocky as to have such a detailed and documented account of that horrific day.
Shouldn't these perpetrators be frightened by the clear evidence of demolition in the hundreds of videos available?
Shouldn't these perpetrators be scared the NORAD "failure" (aka stand down) is just too unlikely to be true?
Shouldn't these perpetrators shake in their boots at the overwhelming evidence of conspiracy and complicity?

The short answer is: No. And the short answer to why these perpetrators are not scared is: JFK and American Indifference.

The assasination of John F. Kennedy was a kind of proving ground that a highly publicized and controversial event could be performed, and although a complete fabrication of events, the American public would bow down to "officialdom" and accept those fabricated events as fact. This set a precedent that we the people are apathetic, scarred, unwilling, selfish, ignorant, guillable, etc. These mavericks know they can get away with it. Some of you might argue, "well at least half the country believes the government was involved in the JFK assasination." And I wouldn't disagree this is sort of my point. If this statistic is true, what the hell are 50% of Americans doing about it? The short answer: Nothing. Imagine how that looks to these homocidal maniacs, that even if people do suspect a conspiracy they will not do anything about it. So is it any wonder 911 happened? and with all the evidence to suggest an inside job and most of us not doing anything about it, is it any wonder it is going to happen again? I applaud those activists who have dedicated their time and energy to exposing the truth. However I am skeptical about the general public's ability to get mobolized before it is too late. American Indifference is as strong as it's ever been and the conspirators know this.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.” - Eli Wiesel

JFK - Proving Ground.

Iconoclast. I appreciate your skepticism. And I agree with a lot of it, but the JFK murder occurred when the Gov't/Corporate Interests controlled most of the media. The activists in the JFK era didn't have access to the beauty of the internet and we are now in what a lot of people refer to as the "Information Age". We are using this to our advantage as you can see from the boys ( and girls ). I don't think those that perpetrated 9/11 were taking the amazing organizational aspects of the Internet into account when they decided to pull this stunt off. Let's utilize it while we can, to awaken the masses and show people the benefits and necessity of taking part in the political process of this country. It can be done and we are making a hell of a lot progress towards doing that. We are in a different era than the JFK murder and our generation has learned from the past and luckily have the chance to be more effective. Two Cents.

Believe It.

I sincerely hope you are right

I agree whole-heartedly that if it were not for the internet, we would be a hell of a lot further imprisoned by this "War on Terror". I believe in We Are Change and all the other activist organizations and there can be no doubt of their effectiveness. This article was not intended to downplay their efforts, on the contrary it is clear they are waking more and more people up everyday. The problem however, is that just because someone believes or suspects foul-play about a certain event does not guarantee action on behalf of that individual. Hence my arguement about most people realizing JFK was killed by elements within our own government and yet they choose to do nothing about it: Indifference. Knowledge is absolutely critical but action is absolute. Without it, we will surely sink below the waves of tyranny and oppression. These organizations, as noble and honorable as they are, represent a small percentage of action and I fear this a sign of America's indifference. Thank you for your reply and I sincerely hope you are right.

Still, it could be that only

Still, it could be that only millions of people actually protesting in the streets might prevent a new 9-11. I have difficulty seeing that happening. And that does not cease to amaze me.

Great article

Thanks for this. I agree with your sentiments about American apathy and indifference. I personally would have stressed that the apathy is most pervasive today among average youth. I've addressed 9/11 truth to some young (20-ish) folks and I've met replies not of disagreement, but yawns, rolled eyes, and "whatevers". Now granted, these were spaced-out druggies who don't care whether or not they live another day...but not only those. The point is, it's young people who have refused to pick up the baton to make a safer world for the next generation. And they won't realize the real story until all their individual freedom has been yanked from them along with their blinders. Only then it'll be too late for them to act.

To be sure, we're in a major pickle. Sometimes I think these "apathites" need to be strapped down to chairs and "de-brainwashed". There's not much that infuriates me more than apathy about our world.

a better explanation

I get upset as well when I don't see more people waking up and taking a stand. I think there are other explanations for other people's behavior in this regard versus that Americans are just indifferent for apathetic. If you want to look at a mechanisms of control check out the Milgram experiments and Stanley Milgram's groundbreaking book about called "Obedience to Authority. Notice how that while some gleefully went on twith the experiments many were extremely upset but ultimately aquiesed to the percieved authority figure. Few people put their own thougths and feelings above that of the authority. Remember this percieved authority will is relied upon to form beliefs as well.

Notice too that bascically all the authority figure really needed was a "white coat" and the trappings of authority. Reminds of the pervert who got arrested for wearing a white coat, impersonating a doctor, going around the neighborhood giving free breast exams. He gave away alot of them before he was arrested. Kind of scary when you think about. Think about how that relates to how the HIstory Channel hit piece portrayed their supposed experts. Begin to think of ways that we can use that natural/ingrained propensity in people to our own advantage.

I suggest everyone looking to activism for 9/11 read Robert Cialdini's "Influence: the Psychology of Persausion" and learn how to use those principles and how they are used against us.

Social Proof is also a strong tool we can use to our advantage. People will look to other on what to believe and how ot act. The more we convert the more will convert.

Good Point

"Social Proof is also a strong tool we can use to our advantage. People will look to other on what to believe and how ot act. The more we convert the more will convert."

That is a good point. Applying this same concept, let us hope conversions inspire action

Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me.

The American people may be more ignorant than they should be, apathetic beyond belief, gullible, too uncaring at times, etc., etc., etc.

But just try another false "9/11-like event" and see what happens.

Basically, you don't fuck with the United States of America (which means The People), and that means all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Pushed far enough, the people will act and react accordingly, which is our time-worn history, proved time and time again.

So I'm not worried in the least. (here's a clue — there's a reason why Bush's popularity is so low, has been for some time, and is staying that way)

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein