History channel Footage DEBUNKS Themselves

In short, Never hath I seen such a biased and incomplete piece.One major flaw that should be obvious is the statement by Matthys Levy, (co-author of Why buildings Fall Down), a so-called popular mechanics expert. He states in their film,

" As the debris flew through the building at almost 500 mph it caused equivalent to sandblasting all the steel.
So all the fireproofing came off and that meant that the steel was naked, it would have been subject to the fire."


I have him, Matthys Levy, in my documentary,(http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2147329422984355159); a scene that originally aired on the discovery channel, saying the wtc's were controlled demolition. The scene is the very first scene. Please watch for exact words.

He debunks himself as being an expert !! No credibility here.

No Plane garbage doesn't belong


re: Simuvac

Never hit by a plane is title: however, you should investigate before before making a statement like the one you did. My documentary is about WTC-7. I named it so because of the ridiculus no plane theory, hoping to insert real information amongst the disinformation, as the timing seeemed to be perfect.

Yea, Simuvac you should have

Yea, Simuvac you should have watched before you spoke.

Anyway, that is unbelievable. I used an audio excerpt of that guy on a radio program I did in Houston last year. I didn't even realize that was him on the His Story channel 911 show!! The nerve of that guy!!

All apologies

I glanced quickly, and by now I have a Pavlovian response to the phrase "no plane".

If I could remove my comment above, I would.


apology accepted , and I do understand how it might be confused. Thankyou for the apology.

I fixed my vote, too

So many rash decisions...

I need to step... away... from... the... computer....

Here is that video of Matthys Levy


What I can't find is what he says before this clip. What is the setup for these comments? He can't be admitting the towers were demolished. I'm assuming he's saying the "gravitational collapse" looked exactly like a demolition.

There are at least 3 other experts on record for the WTC who say the same thing. Naturally, they follow these comments by saying they don't believe it was exploded; but that's just ass covering.