Muddying the Waters

The History Channel's mockumentary "9/11 Conspiracies -- Fact or Fiction?" puts me in the mind of the old Camp Chaos cartoon "MP3 Music -- Good or Goblin?" Somebody high up in the History Channel's chain of command was ordered to or decided that something had to be done to muddy the waters of debate or at least make a gesture of superiority toward the already maligned "conspiracy" movement. The condescending tone of the hit piece reflected a growing anxiety in the mainstream press about the fact that this old story won't go away quickly. ("For your amusement, here are some conspiracy wackos, followed by the opinions of experts who dismiss their claims.")

But the message from corporate media to 9/11 Truthers is clearer than ever despite the muddying: "Don't believe your eyes, believe what we tell you. Those buildings? They didn't blow up! You have no evidence those buildings blew up. You have no evidence that the buildings you see blowing up in those videos were blowing up. You have no evidence. You have no evidence."

The short cartoon depicting the "progressive collapse" of the Twin Towers was laughably inaccurate, but probably the most morbid aspect of the hit piece, because it is graphically changing the story of how nearly 3000 people died. It is the story of 3000 assassinations, reduced to a slapstick cartoon. The cartoon shows no dust cloud and no pyroclastic flow, and it shows the tops of the Twin Towers crashing intact all the way through the buildings per the story of Bazant et al.

That is the story we are supposed to swallow. The tops of the buildings crushed the bottom 80-90% of the buildings almost (within 30%) as quickly as the tops of the buildings would have fallen the same distance through the air. To believe that you have to believe that the tops remained intact practically until they hit the lobby, whereupon they crumbled into mostly dust. Also you must believe that the entirety of the buildings crashed down, and none of it up or out as the videos show.

That is their story, contradicted by video evidence. Yet they get away with saying that there is no evidence that the buildings exploded. I think they are hoping that eventually all the videos of the Twin Towers exploding will disappear; and perhaps after enough time and after replaying enough cartoons of the mythical collapses, the myths will be remembered longer than the videos and come to replace them as the truth.

For that is the fate of past events, to be lost in time and replaced by the stories we tell about them. Since ancient times the power elite has relied on the short memories of people to erase the wrongdoing of leaders. Even now, humanity is collectively forgetting the lessons learned by the Holocaust. What was it we learned from that again? Oh yeah, something about, um, don't be a Jew, or something.

People have short memories, and that usually means that history that isn't taught will be forgotten, and meanwhile any outrageous lies that are taught as history will be remembered. Today our beliefs about the past are a tangled web of lies and half-truths indistinguishable from genuine historical events. But in centuries to come, that may no longer be the case.

We have the power now to preserve audio and video of our lives potentially forever. Not because computers will preserve recordings forever, but because people can share them forever. Hard drives will burn out and data disks can melt but as long as the internet is shared it will outlive the hardware. Our memories too can outlive our hardware, and that has been the benefit of storytelling since the days that people began to learn language. Now, we are learning a new language that transcends our short lifetimes. If we will it, the internet can outlive ourselves and our current implementation of it; and all data can be preserved forever, if it continues to be shared. That is something that the usual process of mythmaking cannot erase.

No longer does telling new stories serve to replace the old stories. Instead, the old and new are simultaneous. The truth lives on while the lies are circulating. The videos will still be around in 100 years if we keep them alive. The question is, what will people think about the videos and what will people think about the myth that is trying to replace them? Obviously no one can answer that. But maybe if we try hard enough, no matter what wars and bloodshed are to come, the truth can outlive ourselves.


One way to look at this is that television is making itself obsolete.

Television, and big media in general, refuse to look at facts or question the odd stories of known liars. I do believe that more and more people are noticing this, and opting out of it too.

This History Channel show displays what I call the real TV fakery, and MSM fakery.

Fake news with corporate views is dying out. People aren't watching the MSM as they had been. This piece shows why.

Let's help the trend along. Keep publicizing the truth. The Internet rules.

"Fake news with corporate views is dying out."

Yes, and the remarkable thing is: Can you imagine the ratings one could get for telling the truth?

Can you imagine the profits to be had from telling the truth?

We are so far down the well of power elite lies that making TV about truth would be like a bucket capable of lifting us up and out. The pendulum has swung too far to the right, it can only -- it must -- swing back eventually, and when it does I wonder who will be courageous enough to profit from it.

the internet rules.....

but big media isnt giving up without a fight:

Google Censors Another 9/11 Documentary
A spate of viewings prompts shut down of classic Alex Jones film

Google Video is once again censoring one of Alex Jones' documentary films after it received a huge jump in viewings last week and briefly entered the top ten on the back of heightened warnings of an impending terror attack.

Viewing figures for the 2004 Feature film Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State suddenly sky rocketed to a total of 850,000 after we featured articles on Clergy Response Teams being trained by the federal government to "quell dissent" in the event of a declaration of martial law.

The viewing jump also coincided with the History Channel's 9/11 hit piece and continued warnings of an upcoming terror attack on U.S. soil.

As the film began to go viral it was suddenly disabled and at time of writing no longer plays at google video. Check the link for yourself here.

The Google help page used to state that it did not censor search results. This policy has now changed and Google now carried that proviso that, "in response to local laws, regulations, or policies," it may censor certain content.

The film is copyrighted, but Alex Jones has permitted and encouraged the distribution of his films for non-profit, educational purposes.

We urge our readers to contact Google Video, ask them to reinstate the film and demand that they stop their policy of selective censorship.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Here's the Contact Google Link

Everyone can use it to send a complaint to Google about their selective censorship of Alex Jones

Google's playing with fire here. At some point this censorship lunacy on their part will catch up with them and there will be a grass roots revolt against Google, who now appears to be more interested in becoming the internet's Big Brother (a la Orwell) rather than the main provider and promoter of the free flow of information which is what Google and the internet are supposed to be about.

Google's censorship does not appear to be total

The full version of Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State is still available on Google here:

They've just hidden the uncensored Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State.
It's the fifth link down on this page of Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State entries at Google Video:

Police State 3 : Total Enslavement is available here:

The first part of Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State is available on Google here:

Dear Oneismany's very well said! Thank you. I enjoyed the read.

Off-topic: comment by an MP in The Australian

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"Laughable analysis

ROBERT Fisk's unhinged claims about the CIA or Mossad ''involvement'' in the murder of 3000 people on September 11, 2001, poses a challenge for his Australian media outlets (Cut & Paste, 27/8). The ABC's Lateline, which is generally fair on Middle East issues, and the Canberra Times which is, by contrast, virtually an Arabist propaganda outlet, both regularly use Fisk's reports.

At what point did these media outlets make the judgment that a crank such as Fisk can still be used when his ''analysis'' is so laughable that it belies rational discussion? There are many conventional anti-US, anti-Israeli academics and commentators whose predictable views are in my view wrong, but at least they provide a basis for coherent discussion.

In the immediate post-war era, despite increasing frenetic lobbying, the then US secretary of the navy, James C. Forrestal, went down a similar road of anti-Israel obsession. Eventually he descended into a pit of madness. Can't Fisk's antipodean boosters see that he is no more than half way down the same tragic road?

Michael Danby

Federal MP for Melbourne Ports, Vic"
[end of quote]

Perhaps our Aussie friends in the 9/11 Truth Movement can reply to this one...
EDIT: I see they've already done so! See

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It doesn't seem like the hit piece worked all that well

An engineering colleague of mine, who has been on the fence about 911 since I first exposed him to a possibility of conspiracy six months ago, mentioned the History Channel piece when I saw him today. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that it seemed to him that only those on the conspiracy side of the argument discussed evidence. He felt the so called "experts" against conspiracy were just making claims that there wasn't anything to it without showing much of anything to rebut the conspiracy claims.

If my friend's reaction was anywhere near typical, of people who may not know as much about the issue as those who have already delved into it deeply and follow it regularly, then I hope there were a lot of intelligent critical thinking people watching that show this past week.

Everybody in the truth movement should just keep their heads up and spreading the word diligently and patiently to everybody they know and especially to all of the police and fireman in the United States. Don't despair, keep on trucking, as the truth is coming out and it is only a matter of time before those who really did 911 will have to face the music in some way, shape, or form.

Tarpley is right again, it helped more than it hurt!

Tarpley is right, again! The hit piece will only generate interest in 9/11. People, who haven't seen Loose Change or 9/11 Mysteries, may very well see them!

It failed as a hit piece and the Brand X experts for the official story seemed to be pretty marginal--at best! I give the 9/11 Truth Movement a victory on this one!

..don't believe them!