Afghanistan 2001 Invasion - Who were we really after ?

There is a current news report "U.S.: Military alone can't beat Taliban" by Chris Brummitt, AP writer at the link below.;_ylt=AjMXUTNm4cfk0mDIq3aXwMpbbBAF

The source of the information included in the article is from Maj. Gen. Robert Cone, a top U.S. commander who noted that most insurgencies end with a political solution.

The article states in part: "Hundreds of former members of the hard-line Taliban regime, including a sprinkling of former senior commanders and officials, have reconciled with the government since they were ousted from power in the U.S.-led invasion in 2001."

Am I wrong in believing that we were originally told that we invaded Afghanistan chasing Osama Bin Laden and his Saudi Arabian hijackers, er, Al-CIAda?

"we"? in Afghanistan?

"we"? in Afghanistan?

Our unelected rulers wanted:

- Bagram airbase (geopolitics a.k.a. empire)
- pipeline (geopolitics a.k.a. empire)
- weapons testing (our arms manufacturers)
- testing the psyche of locals and "allies" (blackmail)

Do you think they tell us the true number of maimed and killed?