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Note: The download at the end of this post appears to be somewhat slow, requires Internet Explorer, as well as the installation of some download accelerator software, therefore, we have provided a local mirror here:

I will try to get an iPod compatible version as well as WMV version available later today. -sbg

This approximately one hour documentary uploaded here for your edification and interest.

Out of love for her newly-adopted country, Sibel Edmonds agreed to join the FBI as a translator in the wake of 9/11. But her world gets turned upside-down when Sibel reports wrongdoings to her supervisors: one of her colleagues from the Translation Unit is secretly working for the same Turkish officials who are “targetted” by the top-secret FBI investigations that Sibel is working on. As a “reward” for her whistle-blowing, Sibel is fired from the FBI. Today, she is fighting for the very ideals that American democracy relies on, and is facing, against overwhelming odds, some of the most reckless and powerful officials in the U.S. government.

Sibel has granted a film crew full and exclusive access to document her story, and her struggle, as we zero in on her “secret”. KILL THE MESSENGER (UNE FEMME A ABATTRE) is a true spy story about the only American citizen who dared stand up to the FBI in an attempt to expose the truth on some specific yet hidden
aspects of today’s War on Terror and give the American people the protection and security the U.S. government has failed to provide.


If I could give this 20

If I could give this 20 Stars... I would. I am glad to see this is finally available for mass consumption. WATCH IT!!

You're right.. my bad... I

You're right.. my bad... I must have exceeded fileho's size and it gets passed over to friendlyfiles.. because fileho is a great download service, but that friendly files looks circumspect. Thanks for the mirror here! Really interesting documentary. I'm looking for an mp3 of the Sibel Edmonds song...

Watched it months ago...

Only saw it once and it's a good documentary. I need to watch it again.

Gary Hood - Sibel Edmonds

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I enjoyed watching that, very interesting...

Thanks for sharing...

Also thanks to 911podcasts for the download mirror !!!

Best wishes

I downloaded it

just to see Sibel. What a doll!.... Almost as nice as Abby and her SD 9/11 truth friends..... Seriously, the video was very well done. Just goes to show the criminality of the Bush administration and the United States government. What did JFK say about secrecy?.......

Just watching Sibel for an hour makes the movie worth it!

It is well produced and shows the whole US government to be fundamentally corrupt. It should be shown to everyone.

So they're saying...

That Valerie Plame may have been outed not for Joseph Wilson's article, but because she was investigating the ATC?

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

...and more

Not only did the outing stop the investigation of NUCLEAR WEAPON TRADING but, also, the CIA front company ("Brewster-Jennings") was exposed, closing the whole operation down.