Mainstream Media is wavering

Look at the forked stick that the mainstream media find themselves in right now ? Up until now, they have been the unqustioned purveyors and vendors of Truth in America and around the world. Whether you admit it or not, the clear evidence says that they have helped the government to cover up 9/11. This knowledge is percolating into the general public consciousness, and people are beginning to turn in ever greater numbers to the internet as a more reliable form of news and Truth. This is not going unnoticed by the main news organs. That is why I say that they will sooner or later HAVE to start publishing what they know of 9/11. It's strictly a matter of their own survival. Their shareholders must be anxiously watching the DOW indexes.I think the Truth Movement should devote more time and effort in bringing pressure to bear on people like Murdoch.Hit them in the wallet, and you will see some action. Why pay for omissions and outright lies?

"they will sooner or later

"they will sooner or later HAVE to start publishing what they know of 9/11. It's strictly a matter of their own survival."

Here's the thing though. You say they have to publish their info on 9/11 for their own survival. On the other hand, if they DO publish it, they get charged (as an institution and i'm sure some individuals as well) as accessories to first degree murder and high treason. So they are now increasingly caught between a rock and a hard place. We're nearing a very fearful moment, I think. What do rabid animals do when cornered?

Tapping the Main Stream Media...

I agree the importance of the MSM to our movement could be huge. They seem to follow the mood of the nation. If people aren't ready to hear 9/11 Truth they won't put it on. We have to continue with the work of WeAreChange and others at confronting these bastards and getting it on Video. I saw yesterday they picked up on the News that Rudy Guiliani was being questioned about his role on 9/11. That is strictly because of our movement in my opinion. We are gaining on that front, and the fact that the firefighters have come out against him and in support of Dodd was a big lift as well.

We have to incorporate creative tactics of reaching into the mainstream media. I think a push to educate the entire group of firefighters in our nation would be a wise one. I think confronting candidates with 9/11 Truth at every rally and town meeting is smart and going well. Posting this stuff on YouTube pushes us towards the EndGame Alex Jones talks about.

Of course the work being done to organize the New York - Ground Zero - bonanza on Sept. 11, 2007 is brilliant as well.

We can force the MSM to cover our news if we get creative and figure out how to do it. I chalk the History Channel's bullshit documentary up to a direct result of our influence and action in society.

The Poll from should be coming out the first week of Sept. according to an insider there. Let's hope that sparks renewed hope. And the popularity of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich is really throwing the media for a loop as well. They are having to work hard to sideline these candidates popularity, especially since they win every online poll I've seen after each debate. It's great.

Of course we need more celebrities like Cindy Sheehan, Rosie O'Donnell (who forced the media to confront her) and Michael Moore. All we need is a few more to get on our side and go on the media and make some splashes. Janeane Garofalo went on Conan and spoke the words 9/11 inside job, and I respected her for that.

We are getting there. It will just take a little more directed work and energy. Educate the public. Chalk and Post things in the public squares. Don't hesitate to push on the celebrities to join our cause. Don't hesitate to work on the firefighters to come out more strongly. The family members have done their part in my opinion, but are still a valuable resource for the future.

Mark Cuban and the Loose Change boys supposedly are releasing (finally) the Final Cut of Loose Change. Sept. 9th, in New York. The Media is going to have to confront us if we continue to do this type of work.

Sorry for the length. Peace.

Dear Orangutan......

The fight for the truth is approaching six years. It is true we have made advancements,however this september 11 to be as effective as possible is to bring massive attention.
How?...............To fill New York with truthers,invite the firemen,first responders,witnesses, family members,and our experts............UNITED WE STAND


I know that. and good idea.

we live in an age where we

we live in an age where we are trained to live happily with mental dissonance, we can hold two opposing concepts in our brains whenever necessary.

- white people are good, they give aid and help... only sometimes do they fail
+ whities terrorize, maim and kill the world via banks & finance (forgot wolfowitz?) WHOLESALE

- newspapers and TV are the true mass media. We know what is going on through them
+ They omit, lie and distort almost 100% of the time, except in sport and finance

So don't hold your breath.

HOWEVER, you know, it only takes ONE TV STATION to do it right. The power of the good example is VERY DANGEROUS. Thats why Cuba is mercilessly crippled (good healthcare & schooling example), thats why Grenada was invaded .... Vietnam, Cambodia destroyed, the list is endless.

The system knows EXACTLY who to fight. The internet is invincible though, hehe.

The more people you can put online (LINUX-wireless-TV) $200 Laptop ... the more you WIN