NORAD: Live and Uncut

From Dylan Avery:

In August, 2006, Michael Bronner, a writer for Vanity Fair Magazine,
received 30 hours of audiotape from the Northeast Air Defense Sector
that chronicled their response on 9/11. Mr. Bronner released 10 minutes
of audio from them in MP3 format.

In August, 2007, we received 120 hours of audiotape, and are proud to
release them in their entirety to the public.

There are 18 WAV files, each one approximately 180 megabytes in size and
six hours in length. To download them, you will need a Bittorrent
program. BitLord is recommended for PC and Azureus is recommended for Mac.

Download the torrent file here.

Many thanks to NORAD for sending us this material.

Original post here:

working torrent link (?)
alternative torrent client -
Ok tried to initate this torrent download but the tracker requires registration ( ) and I get this:
The current user account limit (0) has been reached. Inactive accounts are pruned all the time, please check back again later...

utorrent gives an error message: Failure: torrent not registered with this tracker

So the tracker provided in the torrent file points to a tracker that is closed, and the tracker itself reports the hash associated with the torrent is not registered. {E5D2C4F0654496BE212A55E571D2D3117B0C73CA}

This needs to be fixed or it will not circulate fully - suggest an open torrent site like - no registration required.
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips
Zeitgeist Movie Torrent DVDRip (XviD)


I'm tryin, here. I just added another tracker, hopefully it works better now. I don't see anywhere on Pirate Bay to add a torrent I blind?

nope - you as the source,

nope - you as the source, have to be registered so it can keep track of everything - there is a link at the bottom to register
downloaders don't need to register to download though -

11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips
Zeitgeist Movie Torrent DVDRip (XviD)

Figured it out. Just had to

Figured it out. Just had to register.

Almost there...

New torrent link is up.

New torrent link is up.

workin' great -- 11/11 Never

Hey Dylan, if you've got the

Hey Dylan, if you've got the files, let me know, and we can just host them, no need to monkey around with torrents...

They'll kill your bandwidth,

They'll kill your bandwidth, man. 3.22 Gigs of data being downloaded by millions isn't going to be pretty...

OK, but we could still host

OK, but we could still host it so that we have it when we need it, we just won't publicize it. I can give you some FTP info to upload it if you'd like...

Sorry to ask.....

Sorry to ask..... But what is happening with Loose Change Final Cut? Is it still getting a mainstream international release?


I was just sitting down to post the same question, Dale.
The last official word I heard, months ago, was a major theatrical release planned for September 11th.
Haven't heard anything since, and the 11th is just a week-and-a-half away.
We are all very anxious for news.

9/8 in Norway?

Who are the other 6

Who are the other 6 listening?

Only 7 people are tuned into the stream:

You are missing something!

The download is going good! we have 1 seeder and 23 downloaders

The sound files are good quality and they just said:
a 737 (!) just hit the world trade center, this is real world"
22:22gmt You think we should stop the exercise? LAUGHTER LAUGHTER.
Whiskey 105, Delta up there 5 3? I've got they guy calling McGuire. Is he on the way home? 401 kc10 possible Hijack No Squawk .. unconfirmed second hit. Keep calling them! team 23 New York Center. Two KC10s a lot of fuel. team 23 and team 24 airborne. Tanker is on its way back.
Second unconfirmed is United Airlines 175
Battle station is only Langley.
FAA wants to hold them in Whiskey 105.
On battle station! 2526 on battle station, Langley
I want those fighters closer in.
22:47 american 11 the original guy is still airborne
We do have a tail number... N334AA
He is kinda smart, he knew exactly what he wanted us to do.
Unbelievable. JESUS Christ!
changing the symboligy, just going to be whatever.
25 is headed into Whiskey 106
Boston center team. We did the one home in 105, they were on a training mission.
Everybody in training send them home.
We want (Baltimore) center to maintain primary control.
I have an aircraft 6 miles east from the whitehouse!
Radar ONLY! Bravo 032 no alitude, I got em.
I don't care how many windows you break.
Syracuse stand by.
Sqawking 777! Traffic at 22000.
Delta 89 south south east of Toledo
Special track on that guy.
I talk to them, we do that homeland defence thing.
only 140 knots only 100 knots


What is it? .. FIFTH AEROPLANE!! .. Cleveland!
negative clearance to fire. ID TYPE TAIL.

93 is down north east of Camp David confirmed.
He exploded, he exploded!

Thank you...

Who's going to be the first

Who's going to be the first to encode them as 32kbps MP3 files for a tiny fraction of the bandwidth/download time?

I wouldn't do it.

I wouldn't do it (as a priority)

First, they are already compressed. WAV is only a container. It can contain ANY FORMAT, e.g. mp3

Second, we need the quality. In the background there is LOTS of whispering going on.

Third, we need to transcribe them with timecodes! Collaboratively in WIKIPEDIA? Wikimedia?

IMHO the public release of these tapes will bring us victory. Just wait 2 weeks when some professionals listened to them!

And the NORAD operators KNOW IT. They gave them to us because they want the world to know how they were fooled, how top-military killed 3000 or ours, and how they were intentionally were made powerless to stop it.

From listening to the first WAVs I think these are good guys are they are very professional and performed well on the day.

55 people are downloading. 43% is already out there.

They must have some guts

'And the NORAD operators KNOW IT. They gave them to us because they want the world to know how they were fooled, how top-military killed 3000 or ours, and how they were intentionally were made powerless to stop it.'

In that case, one might think they'd have reason to fear some serious retaliation from higher-ups. Unless there are also some higher-ups who have have either broken ranks with their former accomplices or--if they were never in on the plot to begin with--now for some reason feel sufficiently strong that they have given the word that it's OK to release these.

I added the torrent link to Wikipedia

I just now added the link to the NORAD torrent to the Wikipedia page "United States military and Department of Defense ongoing and scheduled operations and exercises for September 11, 2001" ( I added it under "External Links." I added this line to the page:

*[ NORAD audio tapes from 9/11, 120 hours in 18 WAV files], available as a [BitTorrent_protocol|torrent]

Hopefully this will help add some numbers to the leechers and ultimately the seeders.

National secrecy is a threat to human security.


WAV files are very large. You can convert these files to MP3 and make them easily downloadable.

also - since this is not high-fidelity music you can probably use a very aggresive compression rate without worrying about losing too much quality.

and lastly - if the files are in WAV format they may be in stereo - by default. remember to compress them down into mono.

Someone has already converted to MP3 format (40% of WAV size)...

Thanks to torrent publisher pizzaman777


The complete collection in MP3 format is 1.42GB versus WAV format 3.3GB

You can download the complete NORAD 9/11 audio files in MP3 format via Bittorrent (link below).


The torrent is running nice and fast at the moment !!! Please post any feedback on quality, etc.


Best wishes

Wav vs. mp3

The .wav files are compressed already. They are 8-bit PCM audio encoded at 8000 Hz. They are already below the size of an average quality .mp3, which is normally about 1 megabyte per minute, and these are less than half that size. A 6-hour average quality mp3 might be 360 megabytes, but these are only 183 megabytes. I am not sure what good it will do to compress them any further. Mp3 is a lossy format and critical information could be lost if they are further compressed.

That said, is there a link to the 1.42 GB torrent that doesn't require a login?

National secrecy is a threat to human security.

Uh... what is the csource of

Uh... what is the csource of this audio? It doesn't indicate where in the original loose change post. It says something about vanity fair getting 30 hours but this is 120 hours..... where did it come from?


"Many thanks to NORAD for sending us this material."

ahem... excuse me, sorry

for asking this, but could someone tell me if these tapes have been bunked or is the word debunked. How authentic are they, even if they did come from NORAD? Have been filtered through the fine toothcomb of truth yet?