NORAD tapes are streaming RIGHT NOW. Hugely interesting!

I think this stream is over now. -rep.

Right now, the NORAD tapes are streaming!! TUNE IN!


tune in! You are missing something!

The torrent download is going good! we have 1 seeder and 23 downloaders

The sound files are good quality and they just said:

a 737 (!) just hit the world trade center, this is real world"

22:22gmt You think we should stop the exercise? LAUGHTER LAUGHTER.

Whiskey 105, Delta up there 5 3? I've got they guy calling McGuire. Is he on the way home? 401 kc10 possible Hijack No Squawk .. unconfirmed second hit. Keep calling them! team 23 New York Center. Two KC10s a lot of fuel. team 23 and team 24 airborne. Tanker is on its way back.

Second unconfirmed is United Airlines 175

Battle station is only Langley.

FAA wants to hold them in Whiskey 105.

On battle station! 2526 on battle station, Langley

I want those fighters closer in.

22:47 american 11 the original guy is still airborne
We do have a tail number... N334AA
He is kinda smart, he knew exactly what he wanted us to do.

Unbelievable. JESUS Christ!

changing the symboligy, just going to be whatever.
25 is headed into Whiskey 106

Boston center team. We did the one home in 105, they were on a training mission.
Everybody in training send them home.

We want (Baltimore) center to maintain primary control.
I have an aircraft 6 miles east from the whitehouse!

Radar ONLY! Bravo 032 no alitude, I got em.
I don't care how many windows you break.
Syracuse stand by.

Sqawking 777! Traffic at 22000.

Delta 89 south south east of Toledo
Special track on that guy.

I talk to them, we do that homeland defence thing.
only 140 knots only 100 knots

Bravo 257

3 things I heard on the

3 things I heard on the stream that caught my attention.

Something about being "stepped on"

"giant killer"...type of aircraft or somebody's operational code name?

Who was it that guy wanted to strangle?...
was it "giant killer" who "stepped on" a scramble order?

After the download finishes I'm going to have to listen through that again...starting about 1hr 8m into the part that was streamed tonight.


I would like to listen .. however what the hell format is it in order to play it?

.pls ???

Thats a new one to me, and I have a few different media players..

Perhaps my browser security settings are simply too high... however...

I use RealPlayer to play .pls files.

And it seems to work ok for me.

Consider JetAudio...

I'm a fan of a few media players like: - Easy to use and good fuctionality - VLC Media Player - DVD support and more - Owned by AOL - I usually use JetAudio

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Consider this:

Thanks Chuck!

The JetAudio link required the "www" for me.

Yikes! It's twice the size of Videolan. Videolan is my player of choice for local files because it handles so many file types easily. It's nice to use the same apps over different platforms. I use Videolan in Linux and Windoze both. Winamp, I have been using for streaming audio (wtprn, gcnlive, rbn, etc). The Streamripper plugin works well to grab these streams and save them to MP3s.

Here's a really good download tool for gootubles and other stuff that can generally be a pain to grab:

Orbit Downloader 2.1.7

Be sure to check out the Grab++ tool that comes with Orbit. It will catch and grab audio and video download URLs embedded in web pages. Use it to mark downloads to send to Orbit. Even though some sites do not support resume, Orbit will at least let you restart a failed download. It's multi-threaded downloads are much faster than keepvid, videodownloader, and other scripts that parse URLs from an embedded video to download.

uTorrent is my favorite torrent client right now. Something about how it will download faster from other uTorrent clients in a swarm that makes it a nice find. I'm now using it under WINE in Linux and it is working very well, much faster than the current crop of Linux torent clients. Deluge does work pretty well though, and is a very lightweight GTK app.

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7 seeders 79 leechers that

7 seeders 79 leechers

that means 7 people HAVE THE FULL DOWNLOAD and 79 are on their way.



Please write a letter to the newspaper editors:


more info:

here the big story IN DETAIL FOR YOUR accurate reporting :


Last night and this morning (30/31aug NZ time) the makers of
LOOSE CHANGE film (2mio views) have released a bomb shell.

The ACTUAL recordings IN FULL
from the DAY OF 11.SEPTEMBER 2001 of NORAD (military air-traffic control).

120 hours / 3 gigabytes / each file is about 180megs. Filenames:

DRM1 DAT2 Channel 10 TT TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 12 ACWO TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 14 TT TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 15 AST Op.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 16 AST TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 17 TT Op.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 18 TT TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 19 SD2 OP.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 2 MCC Op.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 21 TT Op.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 24 AICC.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 3 MCC TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 5 ID TK.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 7 ID2 OP.wav
DRM1 DAT2 Channel 8 ID2 TK.wav
DRM2 DAT1 Channel 20 SD2 TK.wav
DRM3 DAT2 Channel 24 Emerg-AICC.wav

Already, two hours from the tapes were broadcast
on the Revere Radio Network. There were a dozen online-listeners
and maybe many thousands on terrestial FM radios plus syndications.

Excerpts of what NORAD military air-traffic controllers
said about the "hijacked" planes:

>> He is kinda smart, he knew exactly what he wanted us to do. <<

>> You think we should stop the exercise? LAUGHTER LAUGHTER <<

The 911 commission (official report) admits that NORAD (ON THAT MORNING!)
was engaged in military LIFE-FLY (hijack scenario) exercises.

My opinion:
They could not believe it themselves, they LAUGHED!!.
They know now that Arabs did NOT do 911.
They released the tapes on purpose because
they want the world to know how they were fooled
and how a secret-military operation killed 3000 new yorkers.
They are professionals and performed well on the day.

Safe Conclusion:

The official story is very dead. In a few days/weeks you will
hear more about it.

You are the first and only newspaper that I will inform
in this way, I don't want you to use my name.


What about the person who

What about the person who destroyed the tapes? Was that FAA or NORAD. If it was NORAD then how were these recovered

That was

an FAA manager

And I think he destroyed

some interviews done with controllers on that day, not the actual air-traffic recordings.

Destruction of Evidence

“Air traffic controllers who handled two of the hijacked flights on September 11, 2001, recorded their experiences shortly after the planes crashed, but a supervisor destroyed the tape,” and that “an F.A.A. quality-assurance manager… crushed the cassette in his hand, cut the tape into little pieces and dropped them in different trash cans around the building.”

I think this is why:

“Consider that an aircraft emergency exists ... when: ...There is unexpected loss of radar contact and radio communications with any ...aircraft.” —FAA Order 7110.65M 10-2-5 (6)

“If ... you are in doubt that a situation constitutes an emergency or potential emergency, handle it as though it were an emergency.” —FAA Order 7110.65M 10-1-1-c (7)

“Within minutes after the first aircraft hit the World Trade Center, the FAA immediately established several phone bridges that included FAA field facilities, the FAA Command Center, FAA headquarters, DOD [meaning the NMCC in the Department of Defense], the Secret Service… The US Air Force liaison to the FAA immediately joined the FAA headquarters phone bridge and established contact with NORAD… The FAA shared real-time information on the phone bridges about the unfolding events, including information about loss of communication with aircraft, loss of transponder signals, unauthorized changes in course, and other actions being taken by all the flights of interest.”

A Former Boston flight controller Robin Harden claims, “I know people who work there who confirmed to me that the FAA was not asleep and the controllers could do the job, they followed their own protocols… [The] Pentagon on American 11 didn't answer the phone, neither 175, didn't answer the phone and they didn't answer the phone until they were absolutely embarrassed into answering the phone somewhere along the flight of United 93 and American 77."

perhaps its just a

perhaps its just a distraction - 6 days worth of audio to keep us busy - huddled around table scraps?
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips
Zeitgeist Movie Torrent DVDRip (XviD)

I found out that if you ZIP

I found out that if you ZIP the files they shrink to less than half the size.

You may find it easier to put 1gig on 911podcasts or whatever