Two Highly Effective and Easy Actions On or Before 9/11.

There are two very easy and highly effective actions to take; one immediate and the other one, on or before 9/11.

The immediate action is the signing of a petition "Call to Investigate Alleged Capital Crimes Committed by Bush Administration." The target of this petition is John "slippery no backbone" Conyers who likes to talk through both sides of his mouth.

Even a whif that such crimes are being investigated would mean the political end of the Bush regime.

The second action item was started by a blogger right here and we have both acted on it; we have informed Federal Judges in Connecticut and California of acts of treason by the Bush administration. The intent is to take the issue of Impeachment away from the politicians. Actually, impeachment would be totally bypassed and we go straight to Treason Trials.

The tools for the effort, which is to inform as many Federal Judges as possible can be found at "Treason Trial Project Moves Forward to West Coast." on 911blogger. Another version can also be found at "Misprison of Treason." where you can find instructions and tools that help you find the Judges in your jurisdiction. You can also view the "Registry of Judges Who Have Been Informed."

I say on or before 9/11 because certain locations in the country, such as NY City, might have heightened security on that day and you might not be able to reach the judges. Play it by ear.

LA has nice plans for 9/11 for another group of judges and hopefully they will manage to get the story to crack through the ice of mainstream media.

Best to all and thank you in advance for taking part in either effort.

Maher Osseiran
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30 More Signatures

The petition showed 30 more signatures since this post was up.

I can easily credit 28 to you guys, 2 might go to the Green Party in Connecticut.

Thanks for pitching in and please tell your friends about the petition.

In peace,
Maher Osseiran
maher (at)

p.s. anyone interested in the Federal Judges action.

Waiting for attorneys to give feedback!

I have contacted both, phil Berg and Alfred Lambremont Webre, two attorneys with intimate knowledge of the 9/11 issues and waiting for any feedback that would refine the legal approach.

I should be hearing from them by Tuesday of next week.

I will also try to meet with Mr. Webre while he is in NY in early September.

Stay tuned.

In peace,
Maher Osseiran
maher (at)