The History Channel Hit Piece – Hit them where it hurts, the pocket book!

The History Channel has produced a documentary titled 9/11 Conspiracies – Fact or Fiction. It aired on Monday, August 20, 2007. According to the abstract, the documentary examines the various conspiracy theories espoused on the Internet, in articles and in public forums that attempt to explain the 9/11 attacks. It includes theories that the World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition; that a missile, not a commercial airliner, hit the Pentagon; and that members of the U.S. government orchestrated the attacks in hopes of creating a war in the Middle East. Each conspiracy argument is countered by a variety of experts in the fields of engineering, intelligence and the military. The program also delves into the anatomy of such conspiracies and how they grow on the Internet.

Even the abstract is a lie.

The only honest conclusion that can be reached after watching this dishonest piece is that Hearst Publishing, Popular Mechanics, NBC, show producer Brad Davis, and the History Channel have conspired to produce what amounts to a shallow hit piece aimed at reassuring the dull and self-absorbed that there is indeed a terrorist under every bed and only the government and corporate media can be trusted to keep the people safe and informed. Not only did the History Channel distort the facts, it purposely went out of its way to depict the thinking people that question elements of the government / media cabal’s account of 9/11 in a less than favorable light – literally.

According to Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet, The debunkers' interviews were pristinely shot and framed, with beautiful backdrops and highly sympathetic camera angles and filters, whereas the truthers were shot from bizarre positions, their images were deliberately distorted and even the color filter of the shot had been manipulated to make their appearance look tainted, blurred and contorted. This was an intentional ploy and a crude act of manipulation to detract credibility from the truthers and violates all known ethical standards of journalism.

Debunkers is a term used to describe the Tories such as the James Meigs of Popular Mechanic and Truther is a term used to describe 50 percent of the U.S. population that have awakened from the 9/11 spell, wiped the propaganda from their eyes, and began to see again.

So what can we that see do about a thing like the History Channel engaging in journalistic misconduct and spreading propaganda that aids and abets the cover-up of the crime of the century?

The History Channel has its tentacles spread throughout our federal, state, and municipal governments, to include our local school boards, and the minds of our young via its educational arm

It derives a good portion of its income through taxpayers’ money and our educational system. In its 2007 “Educator’s Catalog” topics such as American History, World History, Biography, Engineering & Technology, Science & Nature, Arts & Literature, Social Issues, and finally, Current Events are covered.

If “The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction” gets listed in the next catalog it will be available to public schools – purchased with your tax dollars! It is currently for sale online for $24.95.

A great way to hit back is to hit the History Channel in the pocketbook. Educators and advocates within the truth movement should appoint themselves child advocates and challenge the History Channel in court for inaccuracies in the classroom. A grassroots effort to prevent this 9/11 hit piece from being purchased by public schools should be launched. Furthermore, based on the proven record of misinformation, any future History Channel material should be required to be reviewed and approved by a similar court appointed panel before our public schools can access the information and present it to our impressionable schoolchildren.

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Great idea!

Great idea! I cringe at the thought of what children are being taught about current events in school. Schools are the government's method of manufacturing good citizens who never doubt, have questions and have no will to resist conformity.

We are a homeschooling family.

I second the motion

I second the motion....any lawyers in the house?

Picked this up somewhere...

In the Prussian strategy the whole population is categorized into three "educational castes" to formulate future easier elite control of the population.

1. those who will be policy makers, who are taught to think (0.5%),

2. those who will be engineers, lawyers, doctors--who are taught to partially think, only for accreditation in specialized topics (5.5%), and

3. the children of the masses, who are to be taught how to follow orders (94%).

Food for thought.

"The important thing is to not stop questioning" - Einstein
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" - Einstein
Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=realize, recognize, reconcile, educate, motivate, activate

this prussian policy is

this prussian policy is world policy!


The fact that they could actually be playing that inaccurate spiteful garbage in our public indoctrination centers, makes me want to vomit.

I agree very good idea

I hope enough educators will step up to the plate and do this.


Anyone with kids in the US school system must do battle with the likes of the history channel and schoolastic corporation, whose majority stake is owned by aig and controlled by Silverstein's buddy Hank Greenburg. Keep your kids home on Sept. 11th.

From a blogger exile...

with legal expertise:

My comment would be that my school district has policies and procedures for supplemental instructional materials and controversial issues, which are probably similar to those in school districts around the country.

This doesn't seem to be a case for the courts, but there are avenues for challenging materials. Unfortunately, the remedy is usually that the children of complaining parents are not forced to view the material, which is not much of a remedy, since you have to subject your child to the embarrassment of not viewing a film with classmates. Still, the policies and procedures give a way to express concerns and possibly get alternative views shown and discussed. Eventually, complaints might be made to state boards of education, but working up from local school boards would probably be more effective, especially if you live in a school district where people are more open to the issue.

I don't mean to be negative about this. It is valid, even in indivdual cases, and collectively might have real impact with organization and sharing of information. We know the official story is a lie, and quite properly don't want our children taught a lie.

Good point, but maybe further considerations are needed.

The History Channel is very chummy with all levels of governments.

Just a simple google search "history channel, partnership", would reveal how many partnerships they have and how cross marketing of the historic/economical value of a certain city, Philli or NY, as a joint venture with the city governments, would give them access to their educational boards.

Such partnerships also exit on the Federal Level and I wonder who is pushing them.

If further research shows that The History Channel has a lock or a monopoly on that market, it is the duty of concerned historians to band together and protect the children.

I am not sure you will find The History Channel in the classrooms at the university level, you have them in middle and maybe highschools where the abilities of boards to parse truths from propaganda is limited.

I am not saying that all of The History Channel material is garbage but that is where the very serious danger lies; the ability to mix propaganda with truth and sell it all as truths to impressionable young minds and a teaching staff that is unable to descern the difference. Keep in mind, some teaching staff would rather push propaganda since it meets their personal agenda.

Agian, if it is shown that The History Channel has a lock or indirectly a monopoly on the market, historians and child advocates should step in. Also, if their dealings with Federal, and local governments, with quid pro quo deals, such as advertizing for NY on History Channel outlets in return for access to lower education institutions, and if it is the practice that produced its monopoly, that might fit some RICO statutes.

In peace,
Maher Osseiran

well said RT

Don't buy them - Good idea

But my opinion on that program is that it may have been intended as a "hit piece" but to who?

You have to admit that many more people were exposed to the idea that there were and still are questions to the Official Story.

Pictures showing a crater on a field where they claimed United 93 crashed. Some people never saw those pictures until that program was aired. They can say whatever they want about it and how the plane buried itself in the soft dirt but the pictures speak louder than the words and the pictures (ones used as evidence by the government in a trial) didn't show any wreckage. They even showed another plane crash in comparison. Do you think that because some guy who edits Popular Mechanics Magazine can say something about the wreckage would not appear like that because the plane was going faster ? Do cars crashes disappear when the cars are going faster ?
The picture of the black puff of smoke which was represented as the entire smoke cloud of a Jumbo Jet Airliner crashing into the ground at over 700 mph and burying itself in the dirt. I think not. Wouldn't the dirt have to get out of the way so that it could cover up the aircraft again?
The Coroner's original statement was the one in Loose Change. He was paid to lie from the victims fund that was established for the Pennsylvania. I saw think I have a clip of the original TV interview when he said that remark. Also if he had to shift hats due to all the dead bodies around doesn't that contradict the Popular Mechanics statement that the plane was entirely beneath the surface do to the great speed when it hit?

The Pentagon "crash" is another set of explanations that are overcome without words. The pictures showed the lack of Jumbo Jet wreckage. Didn't somebody say that the 16 ft hole was made by the parts of the plane that turned into a fireball and that the wings were seared off when the plane first hit?
They even contradicted their own statements.

The flimsy animations that made the towers appear weaker than they were are obviously edits into the videos. They could have done a much better job if they were seriously doing a "hit piece" on the movement itself.

I am looking at that program as being a positive for the movement and a warning to the "powers that be" that there are also powers who may not be willing to follow much more of what "the powers that be" want and have more info and will release it if pushed.

Take note that Portland was not bombed in the Operation on the Day of the first airing.

I sent an email to the History Channel via A&E and suggested that they do a series to disprove each and every conspiracy theory about 9/11 similar to the Discovery Channel's "Myth-busters" series.

I even gave them more facts that they did not include such as Boeing refused to identify the type of aircraft that hit the second tower citing "national security issues"; lack of the American Airlines Flight numbers given from the original flight schedules poster for 9/11 and the discrepancies in the passenger lists released by the airlines; the news report that was posted on the Internet about flight 93 making a safe emergency landing in the Cleveland airport due to a "bomb scare" which was taken down after it was mentioned on a national radio talk show. I think the website for "The Power Hour" stills has a copy archived. I have one saved.

By the way "The Power Hour" is by the people who did "911: In Plane Site" which was the video that started me asking questions. They have a new video out called "911 Ripple Effect" and it points out the tactics of some of the Fox talk show hosts and compares them to the Hitler propaganda people.

Stay calm. Think - Don't be so quick to judge.

God Save America