LC Crew has the NORAD tapes

Well, I'm not sure if someone had already brought this to the attention of the 911b crowd but, the guys got a hold of the NORAD tapes, and they've put them up in a torrent format for everyone to download and comb through. There may actually be some really interesting info in there who knows.

Yep, but nobody seems to be

Yep, but nobody seems to be doing the work of LISTENING to the tapes.
The 3.3 gigabyte download doesn't make it easy, I know.

So I have put 2 of the 18 files on a WEB-DOWNLOAD server,
let me know if they can be retrieved successfully.
I will endeavour to upload the other 16, upon encouragement.


Various BBS have mentioned the NORAD TAPES. (links, see blog)

We all hope a transcript and timeline will be forthcoming.

The files have been release on USENET, too:
Release Notes
Audio Format.........: WAV
Bitrate..............: 64 kbit
Hz...................: 8,000
Channels.............: Mono

About 120 hours worth of recordings of various NORAD radio channels from 9/11/2001. Released by NORAD to Jason Berman (of the Loose Change production staff), and then released by Bermas onto the Internet.

Did Flight 11 ever hit the World Trade Center? According to these tapes, no, no it didn't.

Did Flight 93 explode in mid-air northeast of Camp David? According to these tapes, yes, yes it did.

I think that can be substantiated.

BTW- Much on most of the tapes is just dead air. You won't need to listen to anything nearing 120 hours. Even so, there's still a lot to listen to.


Here you go!!

120 mB

It is probably the most interesting file to listen to!

PLEASE REPLY and let me know if the download went smoothly