Dear Popular Mechanic's & The History Channel

A few months back Charles Goyette asked Davin Coburn (Popular Mechanic's) a very simple question that has yet to be answered. According to David Coburn they identified the high jackers from DNA recovered from the crash sites.
Where did they get the DNA to match it? He said he would answer that question.
Were still waiting.....And if you be so kind to answer just two questions for me i would really appreciate it. In Norman Mineta's testamony what plane was thirty-twenty,and finally ten miles out?
And what was it out from?

Seems to me the "official"

Seems to me the "official" reasoning for determining the source of the DNS was from the hotels where the "hijackers" were staying...

Dear Somebigguy............

Not that i buy that for a second . Care to take a shot at my second question?

I guess I should have said

I guess I should have said DNA, not DNS!! Us computer guys can't get our acronyms straight.

I'm with you on the second question. The fact that the aid mentioned the plane was "50 miles out", "30 miles out", etc suggests they knew its ultimate destination. Otherwise, the aid would have said the plane is "50 miles to the West (or whatever direction it would have been) and headed this way", that sort of thing.

I have heard of Truthers being burned on message boards using Goyette's method of asking people where the DNA came from. Scumbags simply say the DNA was from their hotel rooms. Gotta be careful with that one.


messed up the post.

Yes but hotel rooms are transient, lots of people constantly

come & go. (Even if they claim they obtained it from the "hijackers" hair when they allegedly shaved their bodies to meet Allah or whatever, that's still a stretch.) Not to mention some of the DNA reports stated there were "no Arabs" on board. Also don't forget that some of the "hijackers" are reported to still be alive, etc.

Hey wait a second. DNA taken from a hotel room could match

DNA from the crash site (assuming it could remain intact, which I highly doubt anyway), but that still doesn't necessarily give you a person's real name or identity! DNA had to already have been previously collected & recorded from a known individual for that purpose!

Along these lines

Does anyone have the scientific knowledge to say whether DNA could survive a plane crash such as the ones at WTC and Pentagon?

If the Pentagon crash incinerated much of the plane, could DNA survive?

I'm not a fan of this line of questioning, but I would like to know if there's any scientific merit to it.

That is an excellent question. I'm no Ph.D., but everything I've

read about DNA indicates that no viable samples could survive (or even be located) for 63 of 64 passengers @ the Pentagon 500 mph crash, fire, explosion, etc. I concluded that the DNA results are fabricated, but why?

If they found an intact passport

they can find DNA ;- )

To think i used to like ...

Popular Mechanic's. I used to love the History channel until i seen their bogus piece on JFK.
Does anyone know if Meigs addressed this Mineta question? If someone goes to ask him ,even if he does'nt answer PLEASE video him so i can see the look on his face. Thank you.