Reichstag 911 1hr 58 min

New 911 video Reichstag 911 1hour 58 minutes Google Video

Is it any good? PLEASE

Is it any good?

PLEASE compose some words.

We should communicate. Not just watch slow-moving videos.

I watched the entire thing.

It's great! Domenick DiMaggio hit it out of the ballpark with this excellent compilation of reports and info. Of course it will make you MAD but he did a great job reminding me why I spend so much time and energy trying to uncover this horrible deception.

Sometimes I get so embroiled in research that I forget the bigger picture.

Watch Domenick's groundbreaking interview with eyewitness Susan McElwain in regards to the Shanksville attack here:

This one has EXCELLENT OK City News Footage...

that you must see.