9-11 New World Rising now on Google Video

9-11 New World Rising
(First Cut)Directed by Josh Reeves
Director's cut premiere at
September 14th!

Directed by
Josh Reeves
Winner of the Alex Jones"Push the truth" contest
This new film contains 3 sections
1.The Towers
2.The Suspects
It also contains all new original footage and features Jack Blood,Jim Marrs,and Robert Groden.
Watch it free in high def and get a DVD copy now!

Playing right into their hands?

This video, although seemingly factual with earnest intent to help the movement, will only perpetuate the stereotype of 9/11 truth videos.

Quickly cutting in and out of grainy, digitized shots and asking viewers to look at hard to see elements while playing the typical digitized "paranoia" soundtrack, this video could actually be used by the mainstream media to alienate people from the truth.

Why does your post seem like a foolish attempt to bash a great


The video is "factual" not "seemingly factual" as you put it.
What's the "stereotype" of 9/11 truth videos?
One need not "look hard" to see "elements."
I don't hear any "paranoia" in the soundtrack.
Any attention the mainstream media pays to this video would only help the truth movement.

Right on!

Columbo, I agree with your statement and really question the motives for the first comment by looking4answers. This video is another good "factual" video to share with the masses and would be an asset if it was played on mainstream television. Great job and well done northtexansfor911truth!!

This is the fist time I see

a video that shows the small point explosions in the WTC buildings in such fine detail. It is very good indeed.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Upton Beall Sinclair, Jr.

Hey! seems there is no more

comment moderation here! I wouldn't expect to see the comment appear almost instantly! Am I right? I have been away from 911blogger for a while, so I am not sure about the recent changes.


Sorry to offend - Let me explain

I didn't mean any harm by the "seemingly" comment. I do not doubt the factuality of the video (I honestly don't know why I wrote "seemingly"). I was trying to constructively offer a little criticism about the format of the movie.

Let me explain.

Most people I encounter who are over the age of 35 tend to shy away from any video that opens with techno-like music and quick flashy cut aways. Many of the 9/11 videos I have watched maintain this fast and edgy format, but not all. I feel that the effort that has been put into this production could have better been used to create something completely different. Perhaps more subdued and similar to a Dateline/60 Minutes format that would appeal to a new audience.

There are a lot of people, especially those 40 and over, who are not comfortable with computers and the slick-computer edited productions available on the internet. I guess I was just discouraged that another cookie-cutter 9/11 video had been produced rather than something new and creative that may potentially reach outside the current realm of 9/11 truth.

Certain films have certain demographs


My name is Jamie and I know the director of the film, I also did research for the film. If there is one thing I learned during the making of 911 New World Rising, I learned that making a film is very difficult. Certain films have certain demographs, a "dateline nbc" type film wouldnt translate well to those 16-35. Also, I dont see 911 new world rising as just another 911 film, or "cookie cutter" as you put it. This film has a suspects section, something that sets this film apart from any other, also, it shows you what to do once youve learned the information.
Everyone stay tuned for the final cut of this movie! You've only seen the beginning!


When one man dies its a tragedy. When thousands die, it's a statistic.

I have not had the time to watch the Google video

I have a full time job.
However, I did follow the links set up to purchase one with my Pay Pal account and there must be something wrong with the link. It denied me access to my Pay Pal account.

I was able to access my Pay Pal account through EBay. So it isn't Pay Pal.

I intend on watching it tonight and will give you my Comments on the Video. You caused me to waste a lot of time when I was supposed to be working.

I just saw this movie and

I just saw this movie and much of it was known material. They have chosen of course a certain approch which is a matter of taste wheather or not you appreciate it. The unclear images in the beginning annoyed me but thats probably the price of googlevideo. I certainly wouldnt consider this a good starter-video for people who are new to 9/11 Truth. Sometimes the music started to get on my nerves as it had little variation.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Uh, needs a lot of work

There's enough good raw material in this for a half dozen good short documentaries. Unfortunately, it's all been assembled together incohesively, in no apparent logical sequence.

The music was horrible (full disclosure: I'm a 52-year-old classical music lover) and sometimes so loud I couldn't hear the narration.

The filmmaker should turn over his footage and an outline of his intended ideas to a professional film editor, who hopefully could make something terrific documentary out of it. For now, I'd be embarrassed to even show this to anybody who doesn't already support 9/11 truth.

And what's the deal with interviewing the drunk slob who endorses the controlled demolition thesis? With allies like that, who needs enemies?

Well it's offical the

Well it's offical the younger folks like it and the older folks don't looks like i hit my demograph!
Oh and if anyone would like to donate a 5000 dollar mac to me i'll make sure I get a more spielberg look next time. lol
It's having an effect and it's waking people up so thats all that matters to me, thank you guys that got DVDs.

As promised above I have watched the google video

I watched almost 1 hr & 19 min which did a dead end with David Rockefeller. It was labeled "first cut" so I am assuming that will change.

To be 100% honest, I have mixed feelings about what I have just seen and hope that I will be able to make some suggestions that may help the truth movement make progress.

I should warn you that I had sent an email to the people at http://www.newworldrisingmovie.com/ that started do to my attempt to purchase one using the non-functioning Pay Pal link.

But that was before I watched this first cut. It mentions names of some of the wealthy but what it has not done, and maybe it is just because there is to much material for one DVD.

I also could not determine what driving point was supposed to be for a variety of reasons. If the DVD is supposed to prove that the towers were brought down with controlled demolition, it failed.

If the DVD is intended to go into some of the people who benefited from bringing down the Towers, it is incomplete. One of the biggest benefactors was the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey itself. As well as the two ex governors of NJ who were instrumental in the endgame (Kean - Chairman of 9/11 commission & Whitman Director of EPA who made the "Air is safe to breath remark") and the NY ex-governor who assured the speedy clean up of ground zero, ie illegal removal of evidence.
As well as Rudy G who, in my opinion is left in the Presidential race so there will be a race, so the people will think there will be a race to a 2008 presidential election which may never come to pass. It is his reward for playing along with the big boys.

I think that you gave the sellout, Peter Jennings, more time than the brave Dan Rather who is stuck on a cable program the last I heard for doing his usual good job. His voice makes it clear that they were brought down by controlled demolition. A great well respected newscaster with years of experience hung on to his principles. I'd tie that together with some of the BBC 23 minute early stuff. There were also some duplications of shots which could give you more space for new material. Don't forget that Peter Jennings just outright lied in a TV show about the Kennedy assassination. I wouldn't give liars more air time than the honest reporters who appear to be doing their jobs on the streets.

There were new, to me, views of WTC 7 coming down. I'd leave them in. WTC 7 was the building that Rudy used over $13 million of NYC taxpayer money to turn the 23rd floor into a bunkerish command center. I think that was the one that he avoided mentioning that he did not even bother to try to get in because we won't let you. Just like he can pretend to be a woman, he can also pretend to be other things also. If Rudy had been a man he would have shown up at WTC 7 and insisted, as the Mayor of taxpayers of NYC, entering into the command center bunker.
I'd just build a case that during the 1980s and/or 1990s that NYC spent over $13 million to be to City's Disaster Command Center and find out more details about the strength of it, what equipment had been installed; how it had it's own air and water supply, etc.
Then you can use the piece where when he is out on the streets you can use the reporters questions about the command center. I had heard that after the attempted 1993 FBI terrorist bombing some people were trying to claim that the Command Center had been moved but I have no confirm that I ever heard of putting a command center in what had already been a target. They might have tried knocking them down in 1993 but they sadly underestimated the strength of those towers.
Also mentioning the added strength to the 23rd floor as the Command Bunker build-up makes the "collapse" that much more improbable especially with Rudy now safely uptown. They must have had him play like a Pied Piper and draw the media uptown so nobody would have cameras on WTC 7.
FEMA had been deployed to NYC on 9/10 I wouldn't put it past them to have promised Rudy that he would be able to run for president as incentive to keep quiet. He almost gets the truth out during some of the interviews.
I have a friend who lives 3 miles as the crow flys from ground zero who is experiencing difficulty breathing more and more. He lives in Brooklyn.
WTC 6 had more damages from the towers and were left to burn all day and days later had to be rigged and "Pulled". It's on a DVD I just don't recall which one at present.

If your point is the people at the end you may do well to eliminate Silverstien, since you left out Lowy and Eisenberg, Kean & Whitman and maybe do a DVD on what The Port Authority of NY & NJ had to get out of it, what they got out of it and the technology that had already been tested in 1998 3 days prior to putting the Trade Center on the public market. September 1998 press release archives "New technology" press release 98-125 (I think). Announces the first successful landing of a commercial aircraft at their Newark Airport using only the Global Positioning System.

BTW - Your shot of the second jet crashing into the building is the clearest non-descriptive United Airlines wannabe I have ever seen and the flash out of the front is great also. Where did you get them?
I knew they had to be specialty built reinforced military aircraft. The flash was used to ensure penetration through the steel grid beams when it hit.

Also for your info one hit from the south going north and the other was headed south from the north. You may find that lining them up with WTC 7 might surprise you. It's my opinion that NYC's command center in WTC 7 was used to guide the pilot less aircraft using the Global Positioning System from 1998.

As far as the people go you haven't presented any dollar amounts that people generally associate with the term "benefit" them. You left out quite a few of the others. How about Peter Zelikow. the White House director of the 911 Commission ? He did write a book with Ms Rice, who also had advanced knowledge. Did you mention that.

I don't mean to sound negative towards your video. I think it has some great stuff but without an ending I haven't been able to draw this comment to a close. Until now.

If this doesn't get voted down. Please leave a reply. You should also have my email address if there is some way that I can help you. I will be glad to.

Couldn't make the film 3

Couldn't make the film 3 hours plus hence the name first cut. It would have taken 4 dvds to fit all the stuff you mentioned. My intention was just to mention some of the suspects
and get people to do their own homework. Plus i only sat out to show the impossoblity of the offical story not to prove CDT.
I also encourage any of you to make your own film.
Thanks for your comments and support

I know.

They don't even make entertainment movies that long. It's something to do with peoples attention span and conversion to a 2 hour format with commercials.

I am not an expert. Like I said I did not know what you intent was. Please don't be offended because that is the last ting that was on my mind at 11 PM last night when I was writing it.

I am a 61 y/o forensic accountant by trade. The only computer course I had in college was in programming and key punching the input cards so that the cards could be fed into the reel-reel computer that filled the room.

I have been having trouble converting my old 8mm films to videos.
I am getting quite good with researching with the computer.
The only name that was new to me was David Rockefeller. I was interested in what he was saying when the video stopped. I will look him up later.

Do you have anything that relates to the US Supreme Court Judges that appointed Bush in the 2000 Coup?

You must keep trying and continue to do your best.

How about you approach the DVD with the assumption that Dan Rather called it correctly and a little of Dr Jone's info and go from there. It will cut out quite a bit of time and then you can concentrate on naming the names that you feel require further investigation.

I am just trying to be helpful. I didn't mean to hurt you or insult you.

Good Luck - When you finish it - please let me know how I can order one.
God Save America