9/11, Who is Responsible? A Facebook Poll of 500 New Yorkers

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On August 30, 2007, I polled 500 people who live in New York City on who they think is responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The results are pretty shocking. Nearly six years after the event, more then half of all New Yorkers don’t believe the official story.

The poll results continue to show that over 50% of New Yorkers polled, "do not support the official version"

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some good ones for sure, but it is AOL so its filled with fake patriots and bigots. this has been on the front page of AOL for 2 days now:

Osama's Family Business Denies 9/11 Ties


"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

It has been my experience

from living in Bergen County NJ that most of the people who were there, lost loved ones on 9/11 and/or who are disabled due to the working conditions in Ground Zero don't really want to talk about it.

I have had difficulty giving away DVDs. As far as they are concerned does it really make any difference to find out who did this to them ? Is it going to help ease the pain that they are experiencing day after day ?

With the completed 2000 presidential Coup in Florida that ended with the US Supreme court handing over our country to a madman and to see how he has used the events to spread a "War of Terror" all over the world is just plain disgusting. The person posing as our president is not running the show. I believe that his father Bush Sr is very much involved now and has been since he was in Dallas Texas on the day that JFK was shot in 1963 and even befoore that when he was recruiting and training terrorists to invade Cuba in the late 1950s.

What has made it worse yet, is that apparently a great many Congressmen and other government officials as well as the military officers are ignoring their oaths to protect the US Constitution from the Domestic enemy living in the White House and his band of thugs.

The Department of Justice has been the Department of Injustice where the Judges hear the cases they want to hear and rule in favor of the Executive Office.
Forget Congress and Pelosi, she took "impeachment off the table" before she was put in as the figurehead for the Democrates.

Serious consideration should be given to go after the Judges who appointed Bush Jr emperior in the first place. Without the Coup there would not have been a 9/11.

The Port Authority of NY & NJ had had problems with thse buildings for years. There were some arguements that they never should have been put up in the first place.

Every time a gust of wind hit a tower desks would move out from under the employees from at least the 27th floor and above. The asbestos that had been required by law to be applied during construction was found to be harmful. Other companies were forced to remove the asbestos during the 1980s from other buildings but the nature of the Port Authority as a joint semi governmental agency was stuck. They could not afford to pay for the removal and they could not sell the buildings when the first put them on the market in 1998 because any private entity who was interested discovered that when the buildings were converted to a private company they would have been required by law to pay billions of dollars to remove the asbestos.

Of course there wasn't much time between the lease agreements and the very well done technical controlled demolition job that occured on 9/11. Technically speaking they did a fantastic land clearing operation for the Port Authority of NY & NJ. I don't know if the NYC laws regarding the asbestos removal would have applied for the leasing of the buildings on the land.

A Poll of 500 is hardly valid. There are more than 500 prostitutes in Manhattan alone.

Nice post Tom. The




NJTom, you lay out real considerations as to why demolishing could occur. It always seems like 'incredibly lucky larry,' had his incredibly lucky financial windfall, happening within about two months of purchase.
Combined with insider trading...

There are other people who 'incredible lucky larry'

has been keeping out of the media.
Such as Frank Lowy and the Westfield Group who also was involved with the leases with lucky larry.

Financially more rewarding afterward with the fraudulent insurance companies claims and the big dollar settlements with the Hotel that was WTC 3 in December 2003.