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After buying one for John Pilger’s new book “Freedom Next Time”, I just want to really encourage everyone to buy a Blogad on the Blogger if you can spare the cash. There's already the "911blogger Donation Premium Special" which I think is excellent and gets you a free copy of Global Outlook Magazine if your living in the US and donate $20 or over.

But with Blogads on the other hand you get something else for your money, while you simultaneously help the site to stay alive and grow, you get to advertise your favourite book, your favourite film, your favourite anything! It's up to you, just try to think about advertising things that will help boost the site's credibility as well though I’d say.

Buying a Blogad is really easy to do, you've just got to register, then have the picture you want to use at the right size (which is “150 X 200 pixels” and “16KB jpg/gif”, I found using Photoshop great for getting it down to the right size of file with the “save for web” feature). After that it’s basically just adding your title, text and the link to whatever you want to advertise, previewing it and then buying it.

One word of advice is to try and coordinate your purchase of a Blogad with Sbg, Rep or GW so that they know to expect it, because basically once you’ve ordered one it still has to be approved at the Blogger’s end.

The Blogger’s prices for a standard Blogad are $15 for 1 week, $25 for 2 weeks, $40 for one month and $100 for three months. I bought a three-month ad because I could afford it, but if you can only afford one of the less expensive options that’s still a humongous help for the site! Please think about doing this folks!!

this isite is the only one

this isite is the only one that I have disabled ads for - just waiting for the next McCain one to show up!
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Are these blogads for 9/11 Blogger only?

Does the money go to support 9/11 Blogger?

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