Late Night Fragments on Using both Wings for Resolving and Healing the Kennebunkport Flare Up: Wisdom and Compassion

The intensity of emotions on all sides of the Kennebunkport Warning rings of authenticity to me, leading me to believe that this is not a disinfo plot but a serious encounter among people of good intention during very dire times. This is why we must treat this situation and all involved with a fierce respect in order to gain a chance for deep dialogue and bridge-building. That being said, I think we are now crossing an uneasy, but crucial bridge between the 9-11 truth movement and the anti-war movement, none too early I might say. For years and years, these two movements have been, at best, distant cousins who reluctantly see each other a few times a year and make fun of each other in between, and, at worst, suspicious neighbors thinking each other to be agents of dischord.

Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan has been an incredibly courageous leader as the most aggressive and visible member of the peace movement. And Webster Tarpley has been a powerful spokesperson, not only for a devastating take on 9-11 truth, but also for strategies towards justice and peace.

Now onto my sense of what is interpersonally going on here: I don’t want to take sides here without full direct information of what actually transpired, I just want to lay out my impression of where people are coming from. Bruce Marshall and Webster Tarpley's anger strike me as a realistic, if not as elevated as we might all aspire to be, response to what has been thrown their way if they are operating in good faith. They seem really to be focused on empowering the warning and their concern for its consequences for thousands if not millions of people's lives, and see the hubub around the signatures as disempowering and distracting from what the message was supposed to do.

Cindy Sheehan, also appears to be operating from a place of deep care, care for her fellow, sister compatriot, who feels that she and her family are threatened. Cindy is instinctually a bridge builder it seems, but will stick by a friend if necessary, even if it means causing tension. But they all appeared to both throw doubts on the method of the warning and support for those involved at the same time.

It is important that we flush this out and move towards a sense of justice and healing. Sometimes in order to really trust one another, we must fight and forgive. These are intense times and we must operate with the fullness of both wisdom and compassion. Little children's lives are hanging in the balance right now. We need massive action, creative outreach, not ad hominem's and suspicion.

What's the deal Truth movement, are we serious about taking this through to justice and peace? Or are we gonna be a digital artifact to be dug up by those that survive the apocalypse?

Who's coming to NYC and DC to meet face to face and strategize about action in the crucial coming days, weeks and months?

Cosmos, it appears might be a potential holder of a possibly heated, emotional and crucial dialogue. It makes sense. Haven't we all fought viciously with those we learn to be close to? The challenges get more intense as we get drawn further together towards completion of this specific calling.

First of all, we should have a strong sense of respect for each other, meaning we can be radically open and honest based on an intention of commitment to relationship. If hurtful things are said, as between brothers and sisters throughout history, we commit not to run away, but to speak truth, do justice and heal.

As any great calling comes to fruition, there is rising intensity of obstacles and challenges that tend to present themselves. Think of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree arching towards spiritual freedom. As illusion after illusion fell to the wayside, the intensity of Maya’s attacks grew until the Buddha broke through.

We are being drawn together. And as we are drawn together to fulfill a task, we will be further challenged by people and forces seeking to trip us up.

And I'd say we should think of these forces more as energies or tendencies than people or other entities, though they will many times come in human form.

Also, our diversity of expression and personality is a great strength if we don't let it become our Achilles Heel. But despite immense external threat and resistance, the Truth movement, the Peace movement and People's movements of all sorts have survived thus far.

In terms of the two most prominent representatives of the supposed camps of this current flare up, Cindy Sheehan is a bridge builder and connector who with great personal integrity weaves together folks of different stripes. And Webster Tarpley is a fierce orator, an intellectual warrior who takes words seriously and refuses to mince them. At times, especially serious ones, people of such distinct roles are bound to come to loggerheads.

And of course our movement is very susceptible to infiltration, but we are also very sensitive to it, which can be a good thing as long as we're not over-sensitive. And in this case, I’ve heard names being thrown around on all sides. Like Barry Zwicker says, we must stay away from the name calling, stick to openness and engaged dialogue.

Both sides are hurt right now, and my feeling, unless I've really missed agentic intrusion other than the threat on a well-meaning woman’s family here, is that all involved really are warriors pushing towards truth, justice and peace while coping with all the human foibles and flaws that are uniquely our own. Courage is not about not feeling fear, or even not giving into fear sometimes, but picking ourselves up and facing into the challenge of the moment in full recognition of our fear. Likewise, respect is not about never losing one's temper and being vicious verbally, but willingness to stay engaged and move towards understanding and healing.

For the sake of all those that inhabit the earth today and desire to in the future, let’s find our way, in honest recognition of the truth, towards justice and peace.

No glossing over...

The great preponderance of acrimony, name calling and vituperousness has been from the KW side of this. Very reminiscent of the same behaviors by Fetzer and Wood, et. al. in their attacks on the *person* of Steven Jones. Very clearly analogous to what one might expect from conintelpro. Knowing all of the 'facts' would be nice but what would really make a difference here is if the KW folks were to apologize for their ill-considered remarks, remove the names in question from their 'Warning' (since that is what to signatories wish) .... and then, perhaps, we can move on.

Just being the psychologist here ("Both sides are hurt right now...") and trying to gloss over the very real damage the behaviors of the KW folks have caused will not 'cut' it. In any therapy setting where abuse has occurred, to step on to the path of healing, the abuser must accept responsibiity for his or her actions and sincerely apologize and commit to eliminating the abusive behavior.. If any hope of reconciliation is to be achieved. The verbal abuse has originated from the KW side. The ball is in their court.

On edit: BTW I did not vote up or down.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Not all abuse is angry words

I think we are unclear about who actually appears to have been the victim of abuse here. Well 1st off, we can all agree that the message and the truth of our dangerous moment have been the largest victim of the abuse. And it appears that we here in the 9-11 Truth "movement" who began throwing around accusations early on into an "investigation" actually helped stop this thing from being handled in a mature manner. If the KW side of things was completely honest in their intention and then had peace leaders who had given their potent support to it and then not only backed away, that would have been easily dealt with, but did it in a way that cast aspersions on the active leaders who were actually doing the work to et this message out.

Anger, especially when injustice is involved is NOT a sign of COINTELPRO. All the people who immediately jumped down the throats of the KW authors and distributors , offering apologies to the people who appear to have actually done the injustice, are the ones apparently "blaming the victim" and apologizing for the abuser. yes the some of the language was inflammatory, but how would you feel if your integrity around such a serious matter was immediately questioned in a very uneven manner, while what amounted to your accusers were being immediately defended but what you thought were allies in a common movement? Anger is not always abusive. Sometimes the most abusive, violent actions are done more quietly and passively. We must get past this idea that rancor is necessarily abusive.

Of course we all know that the warning itself has valid aspects of it, but knowing it for ourselves does not have the effect of a public warning with prominent individuals on it. That's why this Warning was put forth in the first place. I dont think we should undermine that effort unless we really are armchair truthers hoping that another DVD or blog is going to bring about justice.

The signatures should be dropped and the Warning put out there. If apologies are to be forthcoming, here's the order that makes sense to me, 1)those of us who failed to mediate this situation well from the get-go and sat back to see what would come out-- So, I apologize for not playing a more active role in facilitating a healthier course of dialogue earlier on
2)those that jumped immediately on the "hoax" bandwagon before the terrain was really clear and cast aspersions towards one group only
3) those who through their actions, no matter the loyal intention, cast aspersions on people's integrity
4) those who through their heated, angry words cast aspersions on people's character at a time when the argument was not helpful to healing

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush