Johnny Wendell Put 9-11 Truth on Air America Affiliate KTLK1150 for Another Hour on Monday, September 3rd

A day after having Webster Tarpley and Barbara Honegger on the air to discuss 9-11 truth for an hour, host Johnny Wendell had Tarpley back on the air to hone in on the current threatening situation. The 1st segment was focused on the economic indicators that something is coming down the pike. After taking some calls from the audience, including some from local 9-11 truthers, Wendell had Tarpley on for one more segment to focus in on the case of building 7.

Overall, the two day truthathon sponsored by Mr. Wendell was a great gift to 9-11 truth movement in introducing some facts and ideas to a large progressive audience in Southern California. Additionally, both Honegger, on Sunday, and Tarpley, on Monday, directed listeners to go to the LA group's 9-11-07 Commemoration and Convergence Event. Everyone involved did great work to help make it happen.

LA 9-11 Truther Katy was responsible for making contact with the right man at the right time with the right information. As she indicates, Wendell was ready to "pop" in terms of 9-11 truth: "He asked great questions and I’ve been so busy getting the prep done for 9/11/07 that I hardly had time to converse with him. He’s a good guy and wants the truth. I just happened to meet him when he was ready. He contacted me and asked for the guest contacts. No pushing, effortless like God wanted it to happen. Not that I don’t push, I do. Johnny didn’t need pushing, just support."

In my opinion, he was quite a good interviewer and could become a great ally for the movement.

P.S. For those willing to dismiss or degrade the entire scenario because of Tarpley's role in the current contention over the Kennebunkport Warning, at least give a listen to Tarpley's good information to a progressive audience and some recognition for a local 9-11 truth activist who helped something good happen.

Here's the audio @ putfile:
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put the pieces together

>>For those willing to dismiss or degrade the entire scenario because of Tarpley's role in the current contention over the Kennebunkport Warning,

There's much much more to it than that, unfortunately.

Jim Fetzer promotes Honegger and Tarpley for a reason. Honegger frequently appears with Von Kliest for a reason. Honegger and Von Kleist were participants in the Madison hoax conference where multiple people advocated no-plane-at-the-WTC, pods, space beams, etc. The local Air America hosted Fetzer on the radio there. Von Kleist made over $1 mil on In Plane Site promoting hoaxes to the public and now has another film focusing on pods that will be shown with Ed Asner in LA on the Anniversary. Connect the dots.

These aren't small things. These are all part of an effort to make out movement out to be nutty to average people. Likely some who are wrapped up in it are sincere but misguided, and likely some are not.

The result of hoaxes and nonsense is the same as the "conspiracy theorist" label itself -- to isolate us from the public before they can see the strong evidence. Put up a firewall around 9/11 truths constructed of utter nonsense. Because the public does indeed "get it" that pods, nukes and space beams are lunacy. Intelligent people understand this and discrediting by association has been used by the CIA and elsewhere for many years because it works. It worked in Iran to depose a leader. It worked to destroy the only trial of JFK. It continues to work today.

There were a very few number of attendees apparently at the Madison conference but bad publicity was generated to the liberal public in Madison and gave another opportunity for Barrett to again tell a reporter they could be put on the "scaffold" -- another means to isolate us from thinking people.

Yes, we indeed understand there will likely be a new attack to start the war on Iran.

But we get this without needing people who believe that space weapons destroyed the WTC to tell us and the public, and without them attacking mainstream left leaders who have paid the highest price of all -- like Cindy Sheehan -- in disrespectful ways. Cindy Sheehan lost her son, and when you see her speak, you understand the depth of that loss. On the 4th of July a few years back I saw her speak and the whole room was crying.

"Where is the civility? Where are the apologies? Where is the unity? Where is any attempt to simply label this a misunderstanding? I don’t have to tell you it's not coming from Webster Tarpley."

This is a problem. And it isn't the only one.

I saw Jim Fetzer speak a couple of weeks ago

He barely mentioned the DEW stuff and no planes and urged everyone to do their own research. His presentation was very convincing, many people's eyes were opened that evening. Professor Fetzer was very civil and himself was harassed by a group of fake liberals.

My gut feeling is that Jim is for real.

Of course he's for real,

as is Tarpley. They've been fighting like hell, with everything they've got, since "the beginning". Can't really say that about the KNOW-IT-ALLS who think that by endlessly repeating "nutty", "nut case", "ridiculous", etc, that they are actually CONTRIBUTING to the 9-11 truth movement. They are the DELUSIONAL ones, the frauds, high fiving one another on this web site....

911 Ripple Effect

DvK's latest film project is excellent. Yes he covers pods and flashes and actually shows the flash and pod shadows on the video footage. The overall point he makes along with several retired military types and commercial air pilots is this: the 2nd plane WAS NOT A COMMERCIAL JETLINER. Its a small part of otherwise excellent film. If you don't agree with the video evidence or if you don't agree with the conclusions drawn from the video evidence, so be it. Please stop trying to convince me to stop listening to people trying to present their research. I'm so bored with the in-fighting and claims of dis-info. I have a brain, I have eyes, I decide this stuff for myself and will continue to do so. I don't care who the F you are. If you have a theory, I'm open and happy to listen to you. Then I make up my own mind. I remind all truthers that not one single fact of anything, the government or mainstream media has told us is true. All video evidence show by the mainstream is suspect in my mind because of the previous sentence. Kevin Barnett is featured in the film and something that I complete accept: (I'm paraphrasing) "I don't fully accept these theories [pods and flashes] nor do I outright reject them either. I keep an open mind" If the govt and mainstream media say the 2nd plane was a commercial flight with passengers hijacked by islamo-terrorists with boxcutters, I DON'T BELIEVE ANY IT BECAUSE I DON"T TRUST THEM.