New Celebrities speaking for WeAreCHANGE on 9/11/07


Immortal Technique
In the post 9.11 climate, as the music industry crumbled, Immortal Technique built on the truth with a hardcore brand of street politics. Being featured in XXL, The Washington Post, and having been titled with the Hip Hop quotable in The Source (10/03) for his sophomore independent release Revolutionary Vol.2 was just the beginning.. On Viper Records, where he is the Executive VP, he sold 29,000 copies of Revolutionary Vol.2 to date and has appeared on soundtracks for new movies including the new Mario Van Peebles film "BAADASSSSS". Immortal Technique has also worked with Mumia Abu Jamal and AWOL magazine. His single "Industrial Revolution" released in conjunction with Uncle Howie Records hit #1 on CMJ and #50 on the Billboard charts. Recently back from a successful West Coast tour, Immortal Technique is now booking a European tour in the Fall of 2004 and recording his highly anticipated third album...

Christine Ebersole
Award winning actress and singer Christine Ebersole will be attending our event. Her credits include a 2001 Tony for Best Actress in a Musical, 42nd Street and a 2007 Tony for Best Actress in Grey Gardens.

Daniel Sunjata, MA

Award winning actor Daniel Sunjata and FX Series Rescue Me star as well as 2003 Tony Nominee and 2003 Theatre World Award Winner for Take Me Out will be joining us.

Dead Prez Rapper M1

M1 will be performing songs from his hit album confidential. His brand of rap challenges the corporate controlled media and activism against government hypocrisy.

Warren Cuccurullo

Warren Cuccurullo eschews the standard definition of a rock and roll guitarist in one of the world's most famous bands, Duran Duran.

Where did that blurb about

Where did that blurb about IT come from...he is planning a tour for fall 2004?

you may want to update that
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two mp3 clips of celebrities speaking out

Christine Ebersole Interview

Daniel Sunjata Interview

Mortal techniques

Some of his stuff is really cool, but some of it is STUPIDLY SEXIST and nihilistic. Very unfortunate. We need smarts all 'round! Less stupid profanity that doesn't do anything except limit audience. Really offensive to women and thinking people in some songs on the second album. Check it out: both promise and abject, pathetic crap about what a great dick he is. Immortal nothing.

WTF! Whatever, nevermind--forget about celebrities.


I agree that virtually all rap has at least some nihilistic flavor, however what exactly do you find sexist about Immortal Tech? I recently went to a concert of his and after one of his songs (disturbing one called Dance with the devil) he spoke out about rape and abuse of women. He is pretty raw and rough but if you can listen through the roughness of his raps the message is ( for the most part) pretty good.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." ---- Mark Twain

yes, im afraid our friend

yes, im afraid our friend above completely misses the point. this tends to happen when you are easily offended by cuss words and dont actually listen closely to the lyrics in their totality. or when you assume all rap is the same(its easy to think this based on what gets play). the song you mention is all about the abuse of women and is told through the eyes of the abuser and rapist-its not meant to tell the experience of IT personally like many of his songs. and its purposefully very disturbing and meant to be a wake up call to other rappers and people who follow them that women are to be respected. its a very powerful song. IT sexist? if you think even using the word bitch etc. is sexist then i guess so.....

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Christine Ebersole, September 6, on Alex Jones Show

September 6, 2007


Christine Ebersole

Alex welcomes two-time Tony Award-winning American actress and singer, Christine Ebersole, to discuss her participation in the biggest ever 9/11 Truth event being staged by NYC activists We Are Change this September 11th in New York.