Stick 'em up! for the Next 9/11 - Most cost-effective activist ammo yet

As a 9/11 activist, I wanted to let you know that if you need any materials for 9/11 anniversary or anti-war events, it's still not too late. If you order now, we can get books, DVD's or flyers to most customers this week by priority mail or DHL.

We're announcing a new product idea now, which is the most cost-effective way yet of getting our message out: Labels which activists can stick up on phone booths, restrooms, bulletin boards, buses, lampposts, walls, windows, supermarket shelves, anywhere. You can adapt our design and print and photocopy them yourself, or get them from us at our cost of only half a cent per label (15¢ per sheet of 30). Copy them on plain paper and slip them inside library books. Your imagination is the limit.

These designs are meant to warn the public against a new false flag terror attack - thus helping prevent one, and if one comes, to stiffen resistance against martial law and war on Iran. Please see for a gallery and more info. A sample design is attached.

Our large "bumper" stickers saying "Remember 9/11 was an Inside Job" are perfect for this purpose too. You can get them at our cost, only 20 cents apiece, any quantity. (See ). You should also be able to get the new Deception
Dollars by Sept. 11 if you order from us right away at

See also our list of free items you can get with your order at We can send as many as you can use of our new "Are You Ready for the Next 9/11?" four-color flyers ( and
the "Tarpley's Believe it or Not" Synthetic Terror postcards ( even without an order.

We are also have a special 60% discount when you order at least one copy of each of the 6 books now in print on the "Are You Ready flyer." That's Painful Questions, 9/11 Synthetic Terror, G. Bush Unauthorized Bio, Conspiracies- Theories- Secrets of 9/11 - Truth Jihad - and - 9/11 on Trial, total $100 retail price, for only $40! Add as many of your favorite titles as you wish. And we're still offering as many free copies of the Brief on the Bush Presidency as you can give away, too.

Thank You!

And here's to making the last 9/11 be the last one!

JP Leonard

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The "CIA Did 9/11" sticker is pretty bizarre - there's no evidence for that and it only makes us look stupid to most people. And even WING TV . . . are those in the button and book sales arena THAT in need of cash? Why would anyone be foisting WING TV on the public?

On that page alone I counted 29 different instances of products about Tarpley being sold. 7 instances of Barrett products.