We're Winning the Battle for 9/11 Truth


A new poll by reputable pollster Zogby International shows that 51% of Americans want Congress to probe Bush and Cheney regarding 9/11, and 67% fault the 9/11 Commission for failing to investigate the collapse of World Trade Center 7. The poll was sponsored by 911Truth.org

Despite its efforts to intimidate and harass, and despite its huge investment in propaganda, the government is losing its effort to cover up the 9/11 false flag.

Despite overwhelming propaganda by the corporate television and print media to crush all credible information proving that 9/11 was an inside job, despite the History Channel, Popular Mechanics, the talking heads, and gatekeepers trying their best to earn their pay, keep their corporate masters happy, and keep the lid on the official myth, we are winning the battle for 9/11 truth. More and more credible military leaders, scientists, politicians, legal scholars, historians, psychologists and people involved in the 9/11 Commission itself are speaking out for 9/11 truth every day. They know it, and now the majority of Americans know it.

9/11 truth has gone viral, and it cannot be stopped.

For the many folks who like to back a winner, 9/11 truth is going to win. Its now time to join the fight on the side of truth .

Excellent essay

You hit the nail on the head with these comments.

Polling is used by the MSM to manipulate public opinion, and this poll represents a strong attempt to fight back.

I just emailed this out to about 600 politcal activists, libertarians, friends, and media contacts.

I urge all of you to do the same.

This poll is a great way to break the ice with the skeptical. In fact, I did not become a 9/11 Truth activist until I saw last year's Zogby poll. Those results gave me the courage to speak out.

Most people aren't aware of the strong support 9/11 truth has among rank N' file Americans.

I hope you are correct

although personally I don't put that much weight on so called polls, I just don't buy that calling 1006 people is remotely a true representation of what 300 Million people think.

I think the percentage of people that believe 9/11 was an inside job is one hell of a lot higher than this poll states.

Show "And 4.6% are MIHOP!" by Brainster

why are you are so obsessed

why are you are so obsessed with us? do we threaten you or your beliefs? i dont know if we should be flattered or scared about the fact that you devote so much of your time to "debunking" us and coming up with snappy insults like "twoofers".

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Dear Chris.....

I 've wondered that as well( with Mark Roberts) Why in the hell do they so adamantly scream the offical version is true? You would think that they would want to push for major media coverage in a national televised debate. These people are either blind faith patriots or total idiots.
So i say to all the Marks Roberts out there.............The truth movement has had a hard time getting major media coverage so why don't you try to get the ball rolling? Here's your chance to say ....Ha told you so. But then again you guys can't seem to get anyone from the offical fairy to accept the challenge.

"These people are either blind faith patriots or total idiots"

... There is a third option (probably others too).

It is not beyond the realms of possiblility that they are paid "public relations" personnel, employed by whoever desires the truth suppressed.

Who knows, but judging by their actions they are certainly not interested in getting to the truth.

Best wishes

Mark Roberts? considering

Mark Roberts? considering hes at Ground Zero so much sticking his face in cameras and getting loud with people and hes so good at avoiding factual arguments and engaging in straw-men arguments i would tend to think its possible he gets paid for what he does. our resident stalker Brainster? i think we just threaten his beliefs, hes probably very invested in the "war on islamic terror" and doesnt want to admit its basically a fraud and hes been fooled. like many people who fully buy into the 9/11 lie and the bigger lie of a clash of civilizations a good portion of his political beliefs are based on being afraid of muslims. in other words hes just gullible, i cant picture anybody paying him for what he does. hes just not that good you know?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

i always ask shills and

i always ask shills and hardcore official story defenders what motivates them to devote so much time to "combating" us. they never seem to give a straight answer. funny isnt it?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Great news

This is wonderful news and every one who has ever handed out a flyer or a video or has raised awareness on the street or hosted a special screening of a Truth movie or has created or hosted a 9/11 Truth website, and every Truth group in every city around the world has every reason to celebrate and be proud.
But the truth is we are still only in the early innings of this ball game.
Judging by the latest news out of Australia and here in "peaceful old Canada", the powers that be are projecting a message of intimidation (disguised as protecting our "leaders".) Meanwhile in Denmark and Germany more "Radical Islamists" are pre-apprehended on suspicion of planning terror acts. We have no way of knowing if these "terrorists" are real or not but if it's any thing like here in "peaceful old Canada" they will still be rotting in jail over a year later without a trial and with only concocted evidence against them.
My point is that a very small minority of the population has the ability to influence the majority in a negative or positive way and if the thugs who seek to intimidate "we the people" they have a chance of succeeding. I don't mean to be negative, just want to say that we need to keep our eye on the ball and keep swinging for the fence.
Peace. Keep up the great work everyone.