David Ray Griffin and Loose Change Final Cut in Norway

This is a piece of 9/11 Truth activism from the town of Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. Professor David Ray Griffin is holding lectures here at Protest festival in Kristiansand. The local Protest festival is a festival dedicated to free speech and open debate (see www.protest.no or http://www.protest.no/default.aspx?m=21 for english)

Thursday 6. September
Debate: Religion and war – two sides of the same coin?
20.30 (local time here in Norway).

It was a debate on "Religion and war – two sides of the same coin?" that David Ray Griffin had an introduction on the subject for about 20 minutes.

After the debate he talked about 9/11 inside job. And I also got his autograph in my book "The New Pearl Harbour".

Friday 7. September
10.30 (local time here in Norway)

Today it was an pressconference (see http://www.911pk-gruppen.no/) where David Ray Griffin talked a lot about 9/11 and his new book "Debunking the 9/11 debunking". The reason for the pressconference was to stimulate the norwegian mainstream-media, whitch is very silent about 9/11.

One of the biggest TV/news company in Norway, TV2 (see http://pub.tv2.no/TV2/) left the pressconference after about 20 minutes, although the conference wasen't finished. So me and some other bloggers, activists and friends could ask a lot of questions.

We have the whole conference on tape (about 2 hours) on tape, and I hope it soon will be accessable on Google/Video.

Berit Ås from Norway went for the first time out public as an 9/11 Truther.

Per-Aslak Ertresvåg and Berit Ås want's David Ray Griffin and the 9/11 Truth movement to have the Nobel-peace price.

Tommorow: Saturday 8 September
Seminar/lecture: 11 September in a critical light
10.30 (local time here in Norway)

On saturday the Protest festival will be hosting Professor David Ray Griffin, Professor Ola Tunander from PRIO and NTNU researcher Emil André Røyrvik. All will be holding lectures on 9/11.

This is a sequel to an event in April where Le Monde diplomatique Norway held public discussions on 9/11 for the first time in Oslo (publish picture alongside text called bildeparkteateret). There, Gro Holm, who is the head of news at the biggest state television channel in Norway (NRK) was confronted with unanswered questions regarding surrounding 9/11. Professor Ola Tunander and LMD editor were her opponents in the debate. Videos from the event can be seen on http://www.lmd.no/index.php?article=1766
(see 9/11 Truth Europe at http://911truth.eu/en/index.php?id=1,68,0,0,1,0 for more information)

Loose Change Final Cut world premiere
13.30 (local time here in Norway)

Loose Change Final Cut is the third and final edition of an American documentary, written and produced by Dylan Avery and produced by Korey Rowe in cooperation with researcher Jason Bermas. All of them are from New York.
The Loose Change Final Cut world premiere will take place on the Protestfestival in Kristiansand, Norway, three days ahead of the premiere in New York, USA.

Greetings from Norway

Odd Inge
9/11 Truther
from the blog "Unanswered Question"

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