A very encouraging article in the Edmonton Sun

A very positive and non condescending article about Press for Truth, Loose Change FC and the truth movement in general. The Sun is one of two daily newspapers published in Edmonton,,it is a tabloid with large circulation, but is usually fairly conservative from what I understand.


Two Films and a Thousand Questions

This coming Tuesday marks six years since the terrorist attacks on the United States which quickly and effectively gashed open a new era on planet Earth.

Six years on, and U.S. President George W. Bush is spinning off further damning testimony from two former CIA officers that this president's government had "no logical reason whatsoever" to believe there was any so-called alluring "weapons of mass destruction" in sputtering Iraq.

It's a fact made obvious years ago by the initial utter lack of retaliatory use during the well-warned invasion on the thuggish Saddam Hussein - the carrot that led the West to war simply didn't exist.

But by that time, a new scandal had come along; as it always does for those curious or critical about the strange and secretive doings of the Bush camp and a leader who uses the title "wartime president" as a blank cheque to do anything he likes.

As less partisan, less dogmatic Canadians, we would never allow our prime minister such gall. Thankfully.

But according to growing numbers of investigators and dot-connectors, the greatest act of subterfuge and dishonesty may have been the 9-11 attacks themselves, which set the U.S.'s mood for revenge - geographically displaced or not.

Two films playing this Tuesday at Metro Cinema in the Citadel, thanks to Global Visions Film Festival, examine the startling, even horrifying investigational loose ends surrounding the attacks on Washington and New York City.

The first, 9-11 Press for Truth has even been dubbed the "anti-Fahrenheit 911" by critics otherwise unconvinced by Michael Moore's awkward, logical sentiments. If the Bush family is friendly with the Saudis, then their hands must be dirty with Osama bin Laden, or his telling but staged pestering of government officials whose children don't sacrifice their lives overseas.

9-11 PFT simply follows the so-called Jersey Girls Patty Casazza, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken in their quest for the simplest of investigations around the destruction that took their husbands' lives. Their work resulted in the 9-11 Commission.

They ask how it took "two hours" to launch an air defence after the first attack when, for example in 1999, six Air Force jets immediately scrambled for a suspicious plane over Florida.

They ask how the World Trade Center collapsed due to fire - including one of the lesser buildings not impacted - when fire just as hot had never taken down a skyscraper in history before.

They ask, barring any investigation, why the steel from the ruins was mysteriously removed and destroyed. They consider connections between the CIA and one of the terrorists who was wired $100,000 from Washington immediately before the attacks. They ask, in other words, a lot. This movie shows at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The second film at 9 p.m., Loose Change, is even more damning, underlining dozens of details that simply contradict not only the official account, but the media and our general mob mentality as well.

It further examines everything from historical American programs of misinformation to the compelling physics of the damage to the Pentagon and World Trade Center, neither of which add up at all. The accusations continue to fly, even down to the fact American Airlines, since 9-11, finally installed technology to allow cellphone use on planes. Again, 'since' 9-11.

Both are conspiracy-minded films that deserve scrutiny - though it's telling how little tolerance for questioning the Bush camp allowed and allows. He is, after all, the "wartime president," his people suggesting things like, we watch what we say in the aftermath of the attacks. But six years is a long time from then and, as so many of his domestic and international policies continue to unravel around him, there's never been a better time to at least consider the implications the facts steer us towards.

The films are $10 each, or $15 for both - 9828 101A Ave.

Setting up for Sept. 11th.

I say we all contact some local and national media asking them to cover the 9/11 Truth movement prior to this Tuesday's actions in New York. You know where the contact information is. You probably have some emails in your inbox and address book from years before. But we should dig them out and remind these journalists and news organizations that we want to see them cover the 9/11 Truth movement as this anniversary comes up. It can't hurt. And something worked here in the Edmonton Paper. Let's hope we can add other newspapers and journalists to the list of those willing to at least acknowledge the work of the 9/11 Truth movement. Onward.

Much Love- CIA

A good tune

It's always great to see artists taking up the issues of 9/11 truth in their work! Keep it up.