About 70 lbs of Thermite Ignited at Burning Man as Part of 911 Truth Demonstartion

Love that sign!! Please DO NOT try this at home. -sbg

...a teaser clip. Excellent talk by Richard Gage, at Burning Man before the thermite ignition, in edited version now in process. Actual steel burned in demonstration & thermite sample will be on exhibit at Grand Lake Theatre shows.

Jeebus H Christfascamondo

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haha, im with you. "The

haha, im with you.

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... do 9/11 (or 7/7) truth related news ever end up on Digg's front page (with few exceptions), no matter how many diggs they get?

When they get more nice DIGGS than BURIES...

they do... Thanks for that, best wishes

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I have tried for hours...Flasplayer sux, always has and I am not alone.

I thought...

I didn't quite get...

... what they were burning, and what it was all about.

Same here

This was actually a major mistake as far as I'm concerned.
Spent many $1000s of dollars & yakked about it for months then at the last min basically put a pot of Thermite under it which made the heavy steel sign thing not only pointless but now can be used by wingnuts to say "look they cant even burn 2 tiny 1" thick columns in half" this PROVES that Thermate had nothing to do with the WTC.

Naturally that isn't true but that is how it will be spun.

I appreciate the effort, however this was worthless on many levels.


The original plan was to sever the actual sign, but from what I understand, high winds (evident in the video) on the playa forced them to make a smaller scale thermite burn. For those who haven't been to Burning Man, the winds can be ferocious.


... it was just one more project in which risks were not considered in planning.

I have been to the area where the Burning man is held

it is dead flat with nary a bush for miles, so put the damn thing back on the trailer and tow it a mile away and light er up.


..........What the hell was that?..........I would have rather seen a sugar cube sky scraper filled with firecrackers.

Isn't that what they did

Isn't that what they did with the NIST investigation?


............9/11 was an inside job!........... What the hell did this guy do that the debunkers won't have a field day with?

Good start- Phase 1

Good start- Phase 1. John still has some experimenting to do with thermite, steel and PR. I do know that he worked very hard, with little funding, to get this to Burning Man on time, adapting the project to fit the timeline. The good news is that Truth burn will have another day when all the cameras, wind, and thermite are under control. Go to his website (google truth burn), and read his own statement before you the judge the project harshly. There is a place for political art, too, and I suspect that his sign will serve as a powerful icon when delivered as conceived. We all want to deliver Truth.

Will give him credit........

a B- for effort ,and a D for results. In our quest for the truth of 9/11. Time is not our allie.


The truth is, John poured his heart and soul and a ton of his OWN money into this project. I don't think any of you critics have ANY idea how hard it was to get it even to this point, in time for Burning Man. Try researching and procuring thermite, purchasing the materials and having the sign made, and then hauling 3000lbs of steel 400 miles out to the desert without your own crane to load/unload/assemble it, and then haul it all away again, all with hardly any crew to help. Try contacting your local fire dept. to try to obtain the necessary permits for testing the thermite and using their test range.

John is very careful and very concerned about safety, and in the end he could not be certain that no one would be injured or that the sign would not be left in a state that would make it even more difficult to remove.

To the person who said "load it up on the trailer, haul it off somewhere else and do it," (to paraphrase), pardon me but... you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. This is not some light plastic little sign that a couple guys can just move around willy nilly at a whim. It weighs 1.5 TONS! John had to bribe a crane operator just to get it into position where it was. Not only that, but he was working under a pyrotechnics license that only permitted the burn under certain conditions, and it was not up to him to do it when/wherever he wanted to, even if he had been able to!

You armchair critics might want to check yourself and all your assumptions. Maybe try offering your money and your man/womanpower to make it go the way you'd like it to, next time.

This was a monumental effort for one guy to pull off as quickly as he did, let alone a crew with lots of time and money. Now the sign lives on to be used at other events, and maybe to eventually be destroyed as intended, once the proper preparations and testing have been done.

John deserves nothing but praise for his efforts, whether they went exactly the way he or anyone else wished.

Congratulations, John!

You are right

Thanks for the reminder. It's just that sometimes when one feels frustrated, it's easy to give a negative comment.

For the record...

I'm not an "armchair critic." I just asked a simple question. I haven't really followed this, but I thought the intention was to burn the sign, and when I didn't see that happen, I asked the question.

I think he should try to do it on his own. Like those kids with the car.

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Just so you know, I specifically was NOT addressing you, nor did I vote your comment down.

Yeah i do........

I am a journyman welder fabricator.....We appreciate the effort. With months of antisipation.......THIS!...
Come on!........... It was good statement......But i am sure the whole of us thought it was going to show thermate slicing thru the beams. If he spent more then a thousand bucks on it he got screwed...........Minus what he paid for the thermite.
1.5 TONS........? All he needed was two i beams ,and apiece of sheetmetal. Damn!.....
Hey look all of us appreciate the effort. Seems to me he should have done a little more reaserch as to how.


Wow! That's a pretty big fire!

Sure it's not super-thermite?


It says "teaser" clip. Is

It says "teaser" clip. Is the cutting of the steel yet to come?


I'm working on a story of the whole thing

A good idea...

I think it was a good idea, but the wind made a difference I guess. How about getting a demo company to let a 9/11Truth film crew video the prep work and demolition of a building? Film all elements of the set up and the planning and then how the computer runs the explosions to create the desired result. Then run that final sequence along side the WTC7 "collapse" and let people see the similarities.

It's a good idea, but...

good luck finding a demo company willing to be associated with 9/11 Truth. Good luck even getting them to return your calls.


Maybe someone will want to knock the 'big boys" off the top of the heap? Besides, it's just a demo of how someone demolishes a building with controled explosives. Nothing in it says they support or deny our conclusions about 9/11.

some reality

If anyone cares to check out my blog, http://911truthburn.blogspot.com
there's a whole account of the why and how this art event went the way it did. My original intent was to mimic the diagonal cutter techniques used in WTC 1, 2 and 7. This proved to be way too costly and I didn't have enough time to put this scale of demonstration together. I was hoping to spark some interest in official testing entities to do this type of test. They after all are the ones with the time and budget. Why haven't they done this type of destructive testing on identical WTC support columns, you may ask? I had to design the cutter charges myself and figure out how to remotely ignite them within a very narrow framework. And build the thing
This art project, after all, was designed to bring more visibility to 911 truth issues and give Richard Gage another chance to speak in a highly visible, dramatic setting, which he did excellently. That video is being worked on now. Safety was a high priority at the event. Numerous times our safety perimeter was crossed by bikers either drugged or boozed. The behavior of molten thermite in a previous test, led me to conclude that the support header for the sign, may have severed partially, posing a very dangerous condition. The attachment bolts at the header may also have fused with the main vertical supports making removal from the desert extremely difficult. This and the fact that support services at Burning Man were severely strained because of the earlier arson at the Man, I feel we made a wise and safe decision to burn a hunk of steel below the sign in 3 containers symbolizing the 3 WTC buildings.
To my knowledge this was the largest thermite burn at Burning Man. To me, it looked pretty impressive. We have iron samples that will be sent to Steven Jones for a comparison analysis with WTC samples of thermite residue. The sign lives on to serve other 911 truth missions. I plan to keep working on thermate and sol-gel experiments with steel similar in bulk to WTC steel. I'm not a demolition contractor. None who were contacted would help in this art experiment. This is new to me yet I had a 100% success ratio with remotely igniting difficult to light thermite in a fairly neat shaped device. I am pleased.
Please be patient and wait for the finished video. It's a good story. And thanks to Yarrow for his support both here and at Burning Man. He is right on with his comments. This was a highly stressful, expensive, time-compressed project that I mostly shouldered on my own. I know it was worth it.

We also used this art demo as a jump off point to talk to many many people about building 7 and the destructiveness of thermite.

It was a good effort, John

In a "burning Man" envirnment with spectators and other events going on, I think it was a good effort and I commend you for doing it.
Doing film work, I know steel construction is tedious and expensive; much less trying to "demo" it ...
Do you know if anyone from the movement has tried to contact a Professional Demo company to see about doing a documentary about the process?
It would work out for the demo company as well because they could use the raw footage to make themselves a nice Promo film of their work.
I think we should try to find a way to get some Professionals to assist the process of investigation and exposure to the public. Just an idea. Your efforts are to be commended. i wouldn't want to play around with too much of that stuff. I smoke like a chimney.

At risk of tipping my hand here...

... I'm still with you, man. Patience and trust.

Btw, I think it was a stellar effort in spite of all the weight, distance and technical difficulties you surmounted alone.


Where have you been man? How are you?

At the risk of tipping my hand here too...

I'm still with you from way down south. Take a well earned break, and think about the next stage of the sign's career. I'll lay a wreath at the Rainbow Warrior for your friend.


Thanks Alek

Sorry John.....

I was a little harsh. It was a good statement.