Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to Air Truth Documentary

Documentary on CBC television Sunday night.

Details here:

Please investigate and contact CBC as appropriate.


Wasn't this last year?

Good documentary

Yes, it was aired last year.

I just watched the documentary on the CBC site. It was quite a balanced piece, although Meigs of Popular Mechanics was always given the last word. However, a viewer's criticism of this fact was also aired!

short shrift

Very superficial treatment in this video, and short shrift given truth-seeking by individuals and groups. No mention of the scientists, structural engineers and pilots who refute beyong a doubt the physics of the official story. Last word on each topic was always provided, inadequately, by PM fluffer Meigs or Lee ~"we studied in depth whether dynamite could have been used" Hamilton. CBC would do well to update their 2006 effort by including Griffin's recent devastating criticisms of NIST's "answers" to the important questions, still unanswered, which the CBC commentator alluded were comprehensively addressed on the NIST website. What about mentioning Scholars, Engineers, Patriots, or Pilots sites that present entirely more realistic answers?

Still, many kudos to the CBC for letting a small shaft of light fall on this darkened subject.

Iraq Passengers?

He mentioned that DRG gave a lame answer when asked why the hijackers were not Iraq hijackers. I don't get it. Bush went into Iraq to get WMD's, not Bin Laden and his boys. 9/11 had nothing to do with the Iraq invasion. I also don't think this interview was fair and balanced at all. All they were trying to do was confuse the issue. In my mind it is very simple. The "Official Story" is comic book stuff. 19 crazed cavemen hijacked 4 jumbo jets, got past NORAD and wrecked havoc on America? Please, I wasn't born yesterday.

Check the links at the CBC website

C'mon, people: The CBC personnel are screaming out in support of us. They have included links on their website to the websites of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Journal of 9/11 Studies, and Jim Hoffman's website, They even link to Loose Change. I'd say that's better treatment than we have received from almost any mainstream media outlet.

YES, and .. .

Absolutely. Any support or enccouragement we send their way would help.

Lee Hamilton

I like the Lee Hamilton interview best, on the WTC he says "The super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure of these buildings and caused their collapse." When asked about Saaed Sheikh he had no clue and couldn't even manage to deny it.

Summary of interview here: