Mos Def says 9/11 an Inside Job on Bill Maher Show

Starts around 6mins 50sec in;

Mos Def

Has a New fan

Just as smart

Mos Def is just as bright as the professor seated next to him. His urban slang cuts through the pretense and drives home each point he makes. I love the guy for that alone. Gimme mo Mos Def y'all !!

"bin laden didn't blow up

"bin laden didn't blow up the projects..."

Damnit Bill Maher!

Get your head out of your ass on this issue. If you beat up Bush all day rhetorically but do his legwork about 9/11 he's still laughing at you in the end.

Good on Mos Def for getting all that applause for the truth on mainstream television.

Maher has

a long history of hating Muslims.

If Bill Maher

Would spend just 20 minutes with me, and the evidence I have on my computer -- his head would pop outta his ass real quick.

His comments just

His comments just marginalize him since he made the comment that he doesn't believe in the moon landings either.

People watching now just think Mos Def is a kook. He could've chosen better words to follow up with.

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There are lot's of cover-ups

There are lot's of cover-ups coming in to the surface that have affected the world politics. What I have studied is that we still have a lot to learn if we really want or need to get the whole picture. I personally don't buy the first moon landing at all, it's fishy as hell. That's just the first one I'm referring to which was clearly politically motivated theathre from my perspective. Open source, organic mentality without rapid judgment is the key to evolution. When people see one big lie (like 9/11), they will look other events with curious minds and if they judge people who are not BELIEVING something or theories that feel "too incredible", they will have problems in seeing future lies or lies that are even more cleverly disguised. Our history is a constructed illusion. What is true is our willingness to change in every way. Listen to other perpectives, take note.

There was never a successful test of the Lunar Module

I didn't want to believe the moon landings were a possible hoax when I first heard about it several years ago. However, as an engineer I was convinced when I learned that there was never a successful test of the Lunar Landing Module on Earth. The only video shown is of Neil Armstrong ejecting from a wildly out of control craft on Earth. There is simply no way that anyone in their right mind would go 230,000 miles away in an extremely hostile environment and try to operate a machine that was never tested successfully. I think this is the reason that Neil Armstrong shuns publicity for the most part. I think he went along with the hoax for the cold war but can't stomach accolades for something he didn't really do.

However, even though the moon landings were probably cold war propaganda there wasn't wars started over them, and we do have a legitimate space program with satellites, the shuttle, the space station, Gemini and Apollo astronauts did go into orbit, and we have had unmanned craft land on other planets. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the moon landings with humans on board were real.

People need to walk and chew gum and not throw out the baby with the bath water.

This does need to be handled carefully when discussing 911 Truth as many are emotionally attached to the moon landings.


(Thinking can be dangerous to Beliefs):

American G-Men walked on the Moon (urp), but today's automobiles still average the same gas milage as a Model T.

You could go super sonic in a Concord, but it required math only 15% more efficient than the Wright Brothers.

You can defecate indoors, but the poo still smells somewhere down the pipe.

mos def had to be

mos def had to be frustrated.... the other man with him did not back him up hanging him out to dry...fuck it i dont believe in the moon landings either

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Ron Paul on

Ron Paul on 9/11

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So much for Ron Paul as a

So much for Ron Paul as a 9/11 truth candidate.

Maher Show

Bill Maher is a tool. Just another useful idiot gatekeeper. I don't think Mos Def can be faulted for the moon landings comment, there's so much disinformation weaved into the 9-11 truth fabric that anyone could fall prey. Most people are just too brain dead to even attempt the critical thinking necessary to come to an informed conclusion. Cornel West is a left wing gatekeeper, but I think he smells a rat. Someday maybe he'll come out.

It's kinda funny to see someone like Mos Def approach the whole idea of 9-11 truth, I mean his career is built upon cutting through the bullshit using his chosen art form. He just doesn't seem that surprised at the magnitude of deception involved. There's something to be learned from that.

if somebody really wants to

if somebody really wants to get you they dont send you a video saying...i'm gonna fuck you up

that was awesome seeing him stand there...AMEN mos def that was sick

Bill Maher hates "Muslims" and is not bright...

He seems blinded with hate.

I don't think he hates

I don't think he hates muslims specifically, but he has problems with religion as a whole.

Thats some funny shit

Thats some funny shit I never heard anyone in the 9/11 movement explain it like that, and he is not even in the movement ,, he is now

On the moon landing study both sides and make up your own mind just like anything else in life find the truth,,,, its truth moement isnt it ??

Mos Def is right on target.

Mos Def is right on target. The professor looks like another typical controlled left wing tool, and Bill Maher can just go F*ck himself. Good for Mos Def.

Mos Def is not only a great

Mos Def is not only a great hip hop artist but a great actor, believe it or not. Go checkout "Something the Lord Made".

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


I saw him in 'The Woodsman' and (on the lighter side) the movie version of 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.' I was impressed with his acting too.


MOS DEF, his first solo project was something really serious, and marked a depature from what was becoming the norm as we see today.
I recall hearing the New World Water Track like it was yesterday, and he was all over it.
No different from how I recall hearing Method Man's "Tical 2000: Judgement Day", or even Busta Rhymes album "Extiction Level Event".
In fact, you don't even have to listen to the whole album, just look at the cover of the Busta Rhymes' album of New York, and the introduction track.
You aren't gonna phase them or any of us who possess knowledge.

We are bringing reality, via many different forms of expression and our imaginations cannot be controlled.
Truth be told, as sure as the audience was Mos Def's witness and applauded in support - 9/11 is not what we are being told it is by our Government, and all indications appear to prove that it could very well be an 'inside job'.
I really wish MOS DEF would have been a bit more agressive in asserting what is now a quite commonly held belief that we, as Americans are not getting the truth about 9/11 from our Government or Cable Mass Media outlets. Wake up, take action, America has been hi-jacked by new world imperialists and we are on the verge of extinction - or process of metamorphasis.


reply @ wrong place

Bill Maher is so fucking

Bill Maher is so fucking pathetic.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

He sounded great

but then he had to discredit himself at the last minute by also claiming he basically doesn't believe in ANYTHING including the moon landings.
That's too bad.

As far Maher he just hates Religion, ALL religion and for good reason but it is totally inexcusable for an Atheist to not have the critical thinking required to at least suspect 9/11 of being an inside job.
That is embarrassing.


Props to Mos Def ! I, too, don't believe in the terrorist theory. I believe that it is "World government" sponsored acts to scare the world into submission for"security" from these so-called "terrorist". As Mos Def said,if someone wants to get you (or us), they just do it. Not send some sort of video tape with a threat on it! The government wants everyone to live in a state of fear 24/7 so we can rely on them to keep us safe What a frickin' joke! Welcome to the "New World Order"!!