New video from Finland: "The Lost Flight"

The Lost Flight -- Who Knew What and When About Flight AA77 On 9/11?

The video compares the two main versions of what was known about Flight AA77 on 9/11 before it allegedly crashed into the Pentagon. The versions are

(1) that there was prior awareness for up to about one hour before the crash about the flight at least with the military and the FAA and in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, and

(2) that the FAA lost the flight for 36 minutes and did not inform the military or anyone else about it until four minutes before the crash.

Three important statements by former Transportation Secreatry Norman Mineta are shown in support of the first version. However, the viewer is encouraged to make her/his own conclusions. The material is mainly from the 9/11 Commission's video archives and other public sources and its use constitutes an instance of "fair use" of this material.

The video was not done by me, but by another member of the Finnish 9/11 research team. I think it is quite good! It effectively shows that the commission's version is contradicted by all available evidence. Please watch, comment, and distribute.

Mozilla problem

For some reason this video doesn't load at all when I use Mozilla: the text "Transferring data from" remains on the screen and nothing happens. With Internet Explorer, the video loads without problems. Has anyone else had this problem with Mozilla?