9/11 Truth on Fox News

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Slightly different version here:

Very strong coverage!

I wish I was there, Geraldo looks like such a fool when he's talking smack about the protesters.


Yep! Isn't the media

Yep! Isn't the media supposed to be unbiased, and cover topics from all angles????

Thanks for posting this SBG, the LiveLeak Vid is TOP !!!!

Added a DIGG for it also...

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Fox News??

The story of the century is at their back, and there covering gay bathroom sex! WTF!...... Good reporting a**wipes.
Good jobs truthers!...........Keep it civil.

Free Publicity

Good free publicity the way I see it. The first thing you notice is the 9/11 truth signs in the background. Thanks Fox news. Thank you Geraldo for all the name calling. You are showing your true colors. Boy, are the neocons running scared.

Here's another

F'ing "A" Joe... True Patriots in Action !!!

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Someone should cut-out the clip of him saying "9/11 was an Inside Job" :-{) /END MISCHIEF LOL

This is exactly what

I have been hoping to see EVERYDAY on Good Morning America & the Today Show, they are live everyday and interact with the crowd.


But, but, why are "the ladies all wearing these outfits"? Enquiring minds want to know...

Geraldo's remarks only fuel interest!

Geraldo's remarks, "get a life, group of misfits," and his false machismo in makng a fist only fuel interest in the movement. Fox News seems to work so hard to ignore the protest in this piece? I believe, it makes the casual viewer curious as to what it is all about.

I agree with the above comment, I hope someone makes good use of Geraldo's parroting, "9/11, it was an inside job." He seemed to be at a loss and awkward--past his prime--somehwhat pitiful.

...don't believe them!

Geraldo's remarks

The more I watch Geraldo's remarks the more pissed-off I get. What a clown. I guess he thinks he is a big, bad tough guy. If he is so tough, why isn't he fighting in Iraq? What a scum-bag..........Lets remember him when the trials begin.

Great Job!!

That was way past ironic, past absurdity...into a region that is otherwordly.

I wonder if Geraldo produces his own pieces...A stage full of blondes...bathroom sex...

Geraldo is a bought and sold...clown

They're all clowns. The only

They're all clowns. The only half way decent guys in the mainstream media news are Olberman and Dobbs, but even they are controlled and won't go anywhere near 9/11. I hope the teleprompter reading phonies of the "news media" enjoy their high salaries and thin veneer of respectability accorded to them by the still uninformed segment of the population while they can, for those days are slowly coming to an end. The truth is bigger than the egos of lying corporate media talking heads like Geraldo, and it will win out in the end. Sherman Skolnick used to refer to them as the "Fifty dollar hairdo's, with the five cent brains." An apt description if I ever heard one.

Wow... communists! anarchists! gay libertines!

Where do I sign up?


this is so awesome! geraldo says get a life to the truthers but he is talking about cookies on the news? wtf?

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Total BS!!

Since when did you have to get permission to protest in this country? I always thought the Constitution was our permit. They want us to ask them for our civil liberties, and if they allow us to have them, we have to pay. I can't believe people aren't losing their jobs for even coming up with this ordinance.

"Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

John F. Kennedy

That protest looked pretty peaceful to me.

It is surreal

This pretty much sums it up. The corporate media is done for, its over. Bring on the truth and/or handcuffs.