AE911Truth Twin Towers Evidence Cards

For those of you who are collecting 9/11 Truth Memorabilia, the first version of the AE911Truth Twin Towers Evidence Cards are almost gone. They will be replaced by a similar, but slightly different, version #2. We can't guarantee that you will get the old cards instead of the new since they are going so fast. (Hardcore collectors should contact us directly.)

Some day these cards could

Some day these cards could be worth as much as my 1910 Honus Wagner or my 1954 Mickey Mantle!

Instant Credibility!

These evidence cards are an excellent companion to the new DVD you guys have and should get lots of attention from anyone who sees them! They can be mailed to professors, government officials, other non-profit groups, etc-- EVERYONE.

We need to establish our credibility and this is a great way to do it. My only wish would be for it to say "161+ Architects and Engineers" at the top. (Of course the number is growing so fast now the cards would have to be updated every so often, but this number is part of the appeal in my view and should be listed prominently.)

Kudos, guys!

Good call

I believe the new cards will have a statement like that, among other small changes

And I think all of this 9/11 stuff is going to be worth money some day as collectors' items.

They might be a good investment for our children and grandchildren.

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