Truth Movement Suggested for Nobel Peace Prize

On friday, the 9/11 Truth Movement, along with Professor David Ray Griffin, was suggested as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in Kristiansand, Norway, where Loose Change Final Cut had a testscreening on saturday, by Berit Ås and Per-Aslak Ertresvåg of the 9/11 Press Conference Group (see

Greetings from Norway

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has my vote!

9/11 truth

would be the biggest catalyst for peace in the world....following the revolution of course.

Can a group be awarded the prize?

I think DRG is definitely Nobel Peace Prize bound.

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This is great news. I

This is great news. I followed the link provided for the 911 Press Conference Group. I didn't see any trace of the Press Release or announcement, but to my shock I did see under the sites recommended links "September Clues"

Please enlighten your friends at about TV Fakery and its role as disinformation. It may not bode well for their stated goal to have the media of Norway treat the subject of 911 with the seriousness and respect it deserves if one of the two links on the Welcome page points to a movie that promotes Nico Haupt style theories.

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I agree with you

The webmaster is Rolf Kenneth (see and I don't agree with him at all. And I can't get him to change. I also don't know what Kari Storhaug, Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, Berit Ås and Trude Malthe Thomassen thinks about this. Maybe I should ask them?

No, there is no trace of the press release. But we filmed the Press Conference with to different camera. It will be on Google Video after a while (I hope).


Odd Inge
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If you read on "911 Press

If you read on "911 Press Conference Group" (see on norwegian, they say about the links:

"Vi henviser generelt til Rolf Kenneths lenkesamling, uten at vi nødvendigvis går god for sidens innhold og form."
"We refer generally to Rolf Kenneth's collection of links, without that we necessarily likes the page content and form"


Odd Inge
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Take control of the situation

>>I don't agree with him at all. And I can't get him to change.

This is often the case and you should consider walking away from it. I recommend that you do not rely on simple disclaimers on the website to try to offset your webmaster -- he puts the group efforts at risk for discrediting and worse. It would be well worth the money to HIRE a webmaster. There are tons of them around.

Controlling the website is an easy way to control a group. This was why the "Scholars" had to dissolve and reform as a new group at the end of 2006, Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice -- Jim Fetzer had complete control of the website and then turned it into a resource for Judy Wood's space beams, nukes, Reynolds' no planes, etc. Today we have a new group, new site, and are doing fine, our membership is now over 500.

It's surprising how often the "no-plane" advocates control key resources when average people that we know would never even imagine such a nonsense claim. This is a red flag. None of our 9/11 groups should put up with being controlled by webmasters, even if they seem like well intentioned and nice people. This is a criminal investigation and facts need to come above issues like loyalty.

Interesting that the other group that hosted Griffin overseas, Morgan Stack's ',' also promotes Morgan Reynolds prominently, as well as the Kennebunkport Warning.

One easy way to understand these situations sometimes is to ask yourself, "Would I ever behave that way? Control the website of a group against their will?"