(Unintentional) 9/11 Humor

If you want a good laugh, check out the PBS website about the documentary "Building on Ground Zero".


It's very pretty to look at, though. And maybe some of the content can be co-opted for the truth.

I don't know if they have shown this documentary already, but I think they are going to show it on 9/11.

Right off the bat there was extreme B.S., which is to be expected. In the first item, "Impact to Collapse: Watch an expert-narrated slide show of the Twin Towers' final minutes", in the first section, their "expert" laments on the unfortunate fact that their analysis of the Twin Towers collapse site was "corrupted" and "hampered" by rescue efforts, leaving a less-than-perfect scene for investigation, implying that that is not normal. Apparently he is either not too bright, purposely obfuscating the facts, or had never been on a real investigation team, since pretty much every site where something bad occurs is "corrupted" by rescue efforts.

What a joke.

(I know people will scream "conspiracy" as to the reasons for this documentary, among others, claiming that the people doing them are "working for 'the other side'", etc., but, as these things go, "they" don't need people working for them, as there are always plenty of people that unintentionally do their job for them — just like every anti-9/11 Truth person isn't a paid agent — they don't need any paid agents, because there are plenty of "natural" anti-9/11 Truth people — and the same goes for everything else, from top to bottom, in our "movement" and elsewhere — it's the way the world works and the way people are)