Geraldo Gives 9/11 Truthers the Finger

video of geraldo giving the 9/11 truthers the finger. he tries to make it discreet but this is as obvious as it gets. the man knows there are cameras everywhere. this thing needs to be spread all over the place and geraldo needs to apologize to the families of the victims that want the truth.

peice o crap needs his nose

peice o crap needs his nose broken again....

Taking on Geraldo.

Our job and what we can do is spread this information and content as far and wide as possible throughout the media, the internet, etc. The best way to help those in New York City right now is to push their work and videos and news all over the internet.

Let's provide them with the backup support that they would provide for us. Keep pushing.

Orangutan is right!

amen brother, let's show the world what geraldo is really like. he absolutely knows what happened on 9/11 and he whores for the monopoly media and earns a big paycheck for it. lets expose these criminals by spreading this video high and low.

Right On...

My eyes have gone square (well 4:3 rectangle) but I ain't gunna stop doing what I can to support the folks by doing what I can on the internet.

Folks who could not make it to New York need to support these heroes like there is no tomorrow.

Many thanks and best wishes

Nice find! Anyone know

Nice find! Anyone know where I can get a version of this without the "soundtrack"? I find it is way more credible to send these to people when they don't have music on them. At least when I approach older people.

I would love to have a copy of the Joe Biden confrontation without the music blasting as well. Anyone have a link? Those guys did really awesome job confronting Biden, but the "gun cocking" and "bouncy" music made the whole thing seem like an outtake of a really bad rap video.

Anyone have this Biden questioning (below) isolated without the music and gun sounds?

He has crossed the yellow line and must apologize tothe truthers

Herblay France

Bonjour ,

Whenever we see him in the street , shops , restaurant etc we should ask for his apology , film it and put it on YouTube. If he gets tired of replying to each individual he just has to go on main stream TV and apologize to the nation in one time for all.