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Thanks for the links to the articles about a National Guard unit deployed to Washington D.C., about shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge for retrofitting and a proposed Saudi helicopter tour of L.A. They are interesting and thought-provoking. It may also be hysteria, but damn we need to think, think, people! Be watchful and don't dismiss everything out of hand without review.

...don't believe them!

excuse me, closing of the Bay Bridge

for the sake of accuracy please read Bay Bridge above.

...don't believe them!

Help keep 9/11 Truth's credibility intact!

DON'T link to sites with UFO's and Aliens! >:(

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The National 9/11 Enquirer

It sux when some of these posts make this place look and read like The National Enquirer.

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Too right

And what really get's on me pecs is my "FUN QUIZ "didn't make the cut, but this shite did...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.