Thank You, Military Hero

I want to sincerely thank the military heroes who -- even right now -- may be thwarting another false flag attack in America.

By way of background, I read with gratitude that the "CENTCOM Commander’s Veto Sank Bush’s Threatening Gulf Buildup".

And I also believe that good people in the military -- who love this country and the Constitution -- have thwarted some of the neocon's other crazy plans.

For example, someone blew the whistle on nuclear bombs which were "accidentally" loaded onto a B-52 bomber and flown above the U.S. As some have reported, it would have been virtually impossible for nuclear weapons to have been accidentally mixed up with conventional weapons. Thank you to the anonymous hero who blew the whistle and stopped whatever dark deed was being planned.

So to the behind-the-scenes heroes who are "just saying no" to another false flag attack . . .

Thank You.

I'm just a civilian, and I don't know what it is like to stand in your shoes. But I do know that the people of good faith in the military can save our country from dictatorship, poverty, and despair by preventing "another 9/11"; that is, an attack by elements of our very own government.

We the people of the United States are counting on you to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic . . . no matter how high and mighty they may be.

We thank you for doing the right thing.

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This, you have exactly correct, GW.

Further, although it is yet unclear exactly who or for what purpose the nuke incident was revealed.... my guess/hope is that you are also correct about this.

However, now we get to see a pack of military/police rubes doing the martial law dance practice in October.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

2nd Osama Video

We are all now very familiar with the infamous dyed beard video, but "Osama's" next release could be more interesting.

Ive read that the release of the 2nd Obama tape will include information regarding the will and testiment of Waleed al-Shehri - the same Waleed al-Shehri named in the controversial "Alive and Well" BBC article:

I'm assuming if the video shows a photograph of Waleed al-Shehri or gives any other pertinant information about him, it will be released to disscredit any of the "alive and well" claims.

Then again, maybe CIA/ISI infrastructure is about to make a mistake that verifies the original intent of the aforementioned BBC article.

If we make it through September...

Just wondering if others have been feeling an ominous quiet before the to speak.

Based on all the similarities in the current events... military exercises...stock options...lost nukes...heightened "chatter"...OBL video

Perhaps I am being paranoid...but I have the feeling we are threading a needle here and will be fortunate if nothing terrible happens within the month.

What do you think???

Hey Leo, don't forget Bush

Hey Leo, don't forget Bush has granted himself dictatorial powers, continuity of government, martial law in response to the next "event".

Times are tough right now, I didn't think we would make it through August. Just that gives me hope. Keep up the fight!