Air America 9/11 Special

Tonight on Air America Radio - A 9/11 Special
Tonight, on the 6th anniversary of September 11th, Richard Greene will host a two-hour Special Report on 9/11, on "CLOUT!" on Air America Radio challenging the official account of 9/11 and creating a "CLOUTFORCE" to continue the investigation. The show will be broadcast from 8-10 pm ET across America on and on the following Air America stations.

Richard had Ed Asner and Dr. Ben "F You, Mr. Cheney" Marble on last night. Tonight he leads off with 9/11 Widow and "Jersey Girl", Lorie Van Auken and also has ... President, Janice Matthews.

CLOUT! is "Do Something Radio" and the goal of tonight's show will be to generate momentum to lobby Congress to re-open (or start) the 9/11 investigations in order to answer the myriad outstanding and unanswered questions that still persist, 6 years later. Go to for more information on the show. (see below).

CLOUT! MONDAY - FRIDAY with Richard Greene,

Air America Radio Affiliates

Detroit, MI mf9p12m BO1a4a
Austin, TX mf7p11p BOsu12m3a
Raleigh-Durham, NC mf9p10p BOsu1a4a
Memphis, TN mf7p11p BOsa6a8a
Albuquerque, NM mf11p3a BOsa11p2a
Baton Rouge, LA mf7p8p BOsa6a8a
Columbia, SC mf8p12m BOsu1a4a
Madison, WI mf7p11p BOsa6a8a
Victor Valley, CA mf5p9p BOsa4a6a
Atlantic City-Cape May, NJ mf8p12m BOsa7a9a
Ann Arbor, MI mf9p12m BOsa7a9a
Eugene-Springfield, OR mf6p9p BOsa10p1a
Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY mf8p12m BOsa7a9a
San Luis Obispo, CA mf7p8p BOsa10p1a
Santa Barbara, CA mf6p9p BOsa10p1a
Charlottesville, VA mf10p12m BOsa7a9a
Santa Fe, NM mf6p10p BOsa11p2a
n/a (Memphis, TN) mf7p11p BO6a8a
n/a (Taos, NM) mf6p10p BOsa11p2a
n/a (Rapid City, SD) mf6p10p BOsa11p2a

Thanks to Alan Miller for the heads up.

vonKleist is disinfo bad

vonKleist is disinfo bad news in my opinion.

Yes, concerns

I feel concerned that stations like Air America are okay with highlighting and focusing on speculative claims yet talking about a congressional investigation. Those don't mix well.

For the technically challenged...

If I go to and click on "on-line" at the top, will that get me this station at 8pm EST?

Edit: Is Rachel Maddow on right now?

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

You are taken to a choice of players

I believe. But there are obvious links to listen live on line and players. I use the one that plays in iTunes on a Mac. There are windows players. And probably Real player ... can't remember.

I am sure somebody already told you all of this but just in case I am posting this.

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I got it...

I hope...

Everyone is tuned in. For Janice and Lorie.

Edit: During interviews, I noticed the number one question asked is, what "one thing" do you question about 9/11? I think from now on I'm going to answer that by saying, "Why was our Government and others allowed to lie to us about it?"

Edit: The Jickey (JICI)... HAHAHAHAHAH...


Edit: Tomorrow, pick a question, and call your congressmen at 202 224 3121, and ask for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

Edit: Thank you Lorie. Thank you for putting yourself out there on today of all days.

Edit: Kenneth Van Auken...

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks

I cannot tell you how astounding this is...

I recall clearly the brouhaha that resulted from Mike Malloy acknowledging 9/11 truth on AAR a couple of years(?) now(?) and having to leave.

I am glad to have 911 truth on AAR but I have to ask. What is the motivation, intent, expected outcome.... etc. of such an act?

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)


Air America did a stealth attack on the air of Ralph Nader -- he was the only candidate in the 04 election reaching mainstream audiences saying why the war was wrong. They had to take him down.

Randi: .. We won for two elections, and then we lost the last one because the fix was in. I mean, it was a dirty election. I know; I was in Florida.

Nader: You're right, there. The Democrats won the election in 2000 but ...

Randi: -- so what do you mean ten years?

Nader: .. but, but they weren't -- they blundered, they didn't even know how to keep what they'd won. No, the Democrats are very similar on military policy, foreign policy, federal reserve policy, food and drug policy, [unintelligible] policy ...

Randi: No, they're not!

Nader: ... sure! Of course!


Nader: Wait, wait. Why -- why don't the Democrats stop the things they don't like from the Republicans like the tax cut for the wealthy --

Randi: [exasperated] They're in the minority! They're in the minority in the Cong -- oh, Ralph, come on, you like to spew this stuff, but you're smarter than that --

Nader: -- wait, wait -- the war resolution, the patriot act --

Randi: Ralph, Ralph, how many, how many --

Nader: -- do you have listeners now? Do you have listeners? --

Randi: -- Ralph. how -- I've --

Nader: -- is the web site for people who want a more deliberate and detailed --

Can someone...

Please find an archive of this? Thanks.

A "Full And Complete Accounting" Of The 9/11 Attacks