German TV revelations about 11th September

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What really happened

...between 3 and 4 million germans saw this last night!

Headline: Research for the Film was obstructed

Michael Renz writes about his experiences making the film

When asked for information US authorities barricaded themselves!


... an enquiry at UnitedAirlines results in the following statement:

The INSURANCE COMPANY of UNITED AIRLINES is in possession of the wreckage!

The manager in charge at the insurance company is in a meeting at first,
then on a three day business trip, that mutates into a multi-week intercontinal trip.
During this time he cannot be reached, neither by email nor by mobile phone -- the
(female) secretary of the biggest US airline-insurance-company pretends.
After weeks and countless phone calls -- finally a brief answer:
The wreckage is not in their possession. The FBI in Washington is responsible.

The FBI press officer is astonishingly open-minded. He doesn't want to give interviews
about the topic of 11th September, but will certainly give a permission to film the wreckage.
After all, the investigations have concluded and there is no reason to exclude the public.
But: The FBI is not in possession of the wreckage, it had been returned to United Airlines.

Back to starting point. Yes, we have the wreckage, United Airlines confirms. But there will
be no permission to film it. Without giving reasons why not.


All requests to state institutions and a multitude of private companies end in this way.
Seemingly nobody wants to have anything to do with the 11th of September.

more on "blockade" here

Our partner BBC did not fare better, even through it is the closest brother-in-arms of the USA.

On the topic of fire-protection-measures. Owner of the towers, Port Authority NY, Port Authority New Jersey ... no information.


When talking to official "off the record" many tell of a muzzle from the very top.
Evidently a wide-spread fear rules... to burn one's mouth with that topic.

In the Film Professor James Quintiere is interviewed:
The South-tower fireproofing was only 19 mm thick,
whereas in the Norht Tower is was double as thick,
and that's why the North Tower survived double as long.
Flash Video:
(click on "Wie bewerten Sie den Brandschutz des WTC")

more info and URL AND AN ONLINE POLL (who did 911 vote) are HERE

Comments please. GERMANS! Did you see this? Was it ok or was it painful to watch?

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Tomorrow we will know precisely how many germans watched it:
(on page 446, here )
... please post the number here, thanks. (eternalize it)

SITTING BULL! How was it? Was it a hit piece?

a large german newspaper

a large german newspaper says the Film authors had tried to RECREATE the 767 crash-into-towers on a boeing flight-simulator, but were refused WORLDWIDE.

in another article they mentioned a BOEING FLIGHT SIMULATOR in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia that would have done it for them.