Heartrendering Slideshow & Song Dedicated To Fallen Firefighters & Police & Families of 9/11

A beautiful tribute I found on LiveLeak! (I think it's in German?)

(BTW, I think it was more like 60 police officers, not 23 as written with the video, who were stolen from us on 9/11. We must also count the gravely ill first responders who are suffering to this very day!)

The pics of the crying children who had lost loved ones just broke my heart! (This is why we fight for 9/11 truth! So nothing like this can ever happen again!)

Sooooo Sad

Thanks for sharing


thanks for sharing that

Thank You Germany for your thoughtful memorial

A wonderful individual tribute to the first responders who fell that horrible day. Surely there will be more names, as time unfolds, of other emergency team members who are now sick, and need our help. Thank You Germany for your thoughtful memory.

Trying my best to wake people up who are pretending to be asleep.