9/11 Truth at Speaker's Corner

We Are Change UK spreading 9/11 truth at Speaker's Corner, London.


Very "well spoken" Speaker...

Listening now...

Were there many at "Speakers Corner" ? Was it a solo soapbox job ?

Big respect either way, not been around there for sometime, the last bastion of true FREE speech in the UK.

Direct Link to MP3 : http://www.radio4all.net/pub/files/londonsoundposse@googlemail.com/2704-1-20070912-mohsin_drabu_at_speakers_corner.mp3

Many thanks and best wishes


Added - The speaker did a fantastic job, in what seemed to be a quite hostile crowd.

I'm sure that would have been a great time to distribute literature and DVDs to the gathering.

For those unfamiliar with "speaker's corner", it's at the beginning of the "west end" of London, in Hyde Park (below is a pic).

That guy is an amazing

That guy is an amazing speaker. What a great breadth of knowledge!