Notes on 9/11 Conference in Indiana and DISCOVER magazine article on 9/11 dust

Back from a great, packed-audience conference in Indiana sponsored by Kevin Ryan -- who spoke to the 650 in attendance along with Richard Gage and myself. Feeling rejuvenated... Great to have Richard Gage joining in so vigorously. (See Also joining the effort (with a major article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies) Dr. Cate Jenkins, who emailed me this morning as follows:

Dr. Cate Jenkins: See important 9/7/07 Discover Magazine article at:

Please blog the Discover Magazine article at:

There are viewable and downloadable video
news clips about the Discover Magazine
extravaganza, with Nadler and Pelosi standing
by a large poster of the Discover Magazine article, at:
END quote from Dr. Jenkins' email to Steven Jones.

Quoting briefly from the DISCOVER article:

David Worby, a personal injury lawyer, is representing more than 10,000 individuals who claim they’ve suffered serious illness as a result of 9/11. Already, 130 of them have died of causes similar to Dunn Jones’s, though Dunn Jones was not a client of Worby’s. Worby is critical of government officials for their overly sanguine assurances about the safety of the air and is especially critical of the city’s lax enforcement of federal requirements that respirators be worn at contaminated sites.

“They are getting sick because of people like Christie Todd Whitman and Rudy Giuliani,” Worby says. Whitman was administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Giuliani was the mayor at the time the towers fell. “My people don’t want their names to be on the wall, because they are not victims of terrorists—they’re victims of bad government. Giuliani should be banned from public office for what he did.”

New York City, the Port Authority, and the contractors who were responsible for the cleanup (Bovis and Turner Construction) are all defendants in the Worby lawsuit.

“I started this suit on behalf of one cop that got sick,” Worby says of his class-action lawsuit filed in 2004. “Nobody would touch the case with a 10-foot pole because it was considered unpatriotic to say anything against the cleanup or the EPA. We have come a long way. They once called the 9/11 cough a badge of honor. Now they know that the whole thing is a catastrophic government disaster.”

Since the attacks, various scientific studies have demonstrated that New Yorkers are engulfed in billows of illness and disease related to 9/11. First the 9/11 cough and mental health problems caught the attention of local doctors. Then chronic respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions began to surface. Recently a program at Mount Sinai noted the emergence of rare blood cancers among 9/11 first responders. Experts predict that more problems will surface in the next few decades. END quote

And we now know that the WTC dust (and the Government's statements about it) contains many clues about what REALLY happened on 9/11 -- let's keep up the pressure based on this dust! (Steven Jones)

PS -- In Indiana, Richard G. and Kevin R. and I studied a dust sample together; also the latest electron microscope data -- based on ANOTHER dust sample acquired by a scientist just three days after 9/11 and about four blocks from Ground Zero and sent to a scientist at Cornell and me. Yes -- it also shows the iron-aluminum-rich spheres... I presented some of the latest data at Kevin's conference. Great group there in Indiana. Thanks to all. Chin up!

Thanks Prof Jones...

I will be sure to check out those video segments...

Many thanks and best wishes

Is there any chance you

could be called into court as an expert eyewitness somehow and present evidence of thermite being contained in the dust? First , do you feel the evidence is strong enough to prove thermite arson in a court of law? Or does it need further verification by scientists? If indeed it is that strong, would it need to be presented on behalf of actual terrorist victims' families who are still fighting wrongful death litigation (assuming there are still some, that is. I know that accepting compensation barred the vast majority from even seeking legal channels), or could it apply as one of the many toxic substances that responders should not have been allowed exposure to in the city negligence clean-up cases?

Glad you had a good time in Indiana on the anniversary! You and Kevin and Richard Gage are the shining lights of our movement in my view and have the right credentials for our success. I am encouraged by some recent developments: such as the Jersey Girls putting out a follow-up DVD, Air America Radio giving us some much-needed exposure, and the DVD and Evidence Cards just put out by Richard Gage and company. And yes, the dust is a hot ticket we must capitalize on, by bringing up what is actually IN IT to a jury of patriotic Americans...

A quote for Prof. Jones

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

-- Maya Angelou
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Thanks for comments... and YES,

Veritas, I do believe the evidence for the use of aluminothermic (thermite) reactions is strong enough to stand up in court. I say this because - in addition to the evidence presented in my two main papers (Sept 2006 and May 2007 issues of the Journal of 9/11 Studies) -- we now have results from another dust sample which corroborate the earlier results. This sample was taken from an INDOOR window sill just three days after 9/11, and four blocks away -- so anyone arguing contamination by use of thermite during clean-up operations (as some debunkers rather desperately tried before) will have some tall explaining to do. And of course, they should back up their "debunking effort" with facts -- such as the type of thermite used during clean-up (if it was!) and how the residue traveled so far, and made it under the window to appear inside on the window sill. (The dust from the WTC collapse, OTOH, was very penetrating as it flowed "pyroclastically" down the streets on 9/11.) And of course, they must document WHEN and HOW thermite BEGAN to be used during clean-up -- if it was.

Without such facts, we have no need to be troubled by such unsubstantiated "hypotheticals" which would not stand up in court.

Further, this latest sample was acquired by a respected scientist.

I presented some results from this latest sample at the Indiana conference... And I hope a video will be available fairly soon. It was great to follow Kevin Ryan and Richard Gage -- and to have such a large and responsive audience.

Well, you deserve the

Well, you deserve the largest audience I can imagine, your work (and Ryan's and Gage's) is of utmost importance to help bring democracy (back?) to the western world...

Dr. Jones It was so nice to

Dr. Jones

It was so nice to see you again and in Indiana too! The presentations were great. And, you are right, Richard Gage was very enthusiastic and had a lot of good info to share. I was happy to hear Kevin Ryan again too. What a great trio.

Afterward I spoke with Kevin about the possibility of trying to get all three of you to come to Muncie, IN. We have Ball State University here and I think the College of Achitecture and Planning would be quite interested in this as well as other departments and the community. I will be contacting you in the future concerning arrangements.

Again, you were great. The spheres data blew me away! Also, sorry for the tears when you asked me to stand up. I got choked up when you mentioned your voicemail message. That made this whole monsterous thing so real again---from the technical info, from the angry advocate, back to the simply heartbroken American. This whole thing is such a rollercoaster of emotion. It sure is nice to have such good people in this together---through it all.