Poll: US gov't knew about 9/11 attacks

A new poll indicates that some 43 percent of Americans believe that Washington knew about the 9/11 attacks but did nothing to stop them.

According to the Press TV-Zogby International poll, 42.5 percent of the respondents believed that the Bush Administration knew about the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center but did nothing to prevent the attacks.

Only 37.5 percent of the respondents strongly disagreed with the idea and 4.5 percent neither agreed nor disagreed with it.


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It may be helpful...

...to complain to local print and elctronic media as to why they are not considering this recent Zogby Poll ---along with the other Zogby poll several days ago that revealed 51% of Americans want Bush & Cheney to be probed for 9/11--- as headline news.

The pattern with some of the local media is to post polls that only deal with impeachment and the war in Iraq. local media tends to focus on hometown enlistees who are serving and the families who lost loved ones. Any coorespondence to the media should reflect how integrated these issues are to American sentiment which questions the official story.

Pound the liberal media. Pound the libertarian media. Pound local papers and fill those columns with letters to the editor. Grass roots is the way to go.

Interestingly enough, the Yahoo top searches for today include 9/11 and FBI Most Wanted. Perhaps the sheeple are onto the idea that OBL is not being held responsible for 9/11.


The poll actually shows that MORE

people think government knew and did nothing than didn't, so the 43% figure is a little misleading:

"A new poll indicates that some 43 percent of Americans believe that Washington knew about the 9/11 attacks but did nothing to stop them ....Only 37.5 percent of the respondents strongly disagreed with the idea."

You're right!

And in an age where 42% can win you a presidential election, that is big.

Having returned to work (public school) I have had a few conversations with some people and a few were bringing up some of the tongue-in-cheek coverage on 9/11 Truth. When I told them about the Zogby polls, they didn't beleive it. Once they saw it, once collegue said, "Wow, that's interesting. Well...I always thought we didn't get the whole truth."

That response is emblematic of the tipping point that is upon us. People are afraid to say with conviction that the OT is a deliberate lie. When evidence, in drips and drabs, confirms their suppressed emotions and fear, they start to sound like they've known it all along. They WANT to stay with the herd.

43% is quite the herd at this point.

Truth in three stages - 1) ridicule 2) violent opposition 3) acceptance

9.4% MIHOP (adults), 4.6% MIHOP (likely voters)

This new Zogby poll shows that 9.4% of AMERICANS are MIHOP. The other Zogby poll shows that 4.6% of VOTERS are MIHOP.

The 4.6% of MIHOP voters are going to treat 9/11 Truth as a wedge issue. They will vote for any candidate whatsoever who supports 9/11 Truth.

None of the major party candidates (who are likely to get the nomination) support 9/11 Truth, and all are hostile to it. [Ron Paul, Dennis Kusinich, and Mike Gravel are the only candidates acceptable to me]

That means a THIRD PARTY candidate must be found.

The 3 biggest Third Parties are the Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties.

Typically, these parties get less than 1% in general elections for president. That is because most people vote for the "lesser of two evils".

But the MIHOP people will not vote for the lesser of two evils.

That means a Third Party candidate could get 4.6% of the vote, which would be amazing and could start a revolution.

If you get 5% of the vote nationally for president, then you get major party status under many laws, including FEC money (millions of dollars).

That could set the stage for 2012.

It usually takes two election cycles for a revolution at the ballot box.

It seems an effort at obfuscation??

By introducing new numbers, and not clearly stating whether this is the same poll that yielded the 51% figure re B and C needing further probing about 911 (I know...yuck!), it just seems an odd bit of information that surfaces at this time. Did the 51% figure come from a "Press TV-Zogby" poll?

42.5% LIHOP (2007), 36% LIHOP (2006)

This poll shows that 9/11 Truth has grown in the past year, despite all the debunking attempts.

The new Zogby poll shows that 42.5% of Americans are LIHOP, compared to 36% a year ago (Scripts-Howard poll).

This Zogby poll is of ADULTS, rather than LIKELEY VOTERS, which is how the Zogby poll commissioned by 911Truth.org did theirs. That is why the 911Truth poll had only 31% LIHOP.

People who don't vote, are unfortunetely, more likely to support 9/11 Truth. These are often people who feel disenfranchised with our political system.

If you are LIHOP or MIHOP, who exactly are you suppode to vote for?