World Truth Center 9/11/2007 @ The University of Texas

thank you for sharing, Floyd

having protested last evening myself

i am deeply moved and impressed by your group's endeavors - you are true patriots. how creatively affirming and powerful!!!

Excellent job

and done behind enemy lines even.

This was a very well-executed event/protest

Thousands of brochures, hundreds of DVDs handed out. Many volunteers engaging passers-by, holding numerous, well-made signs. Visually striking inflatable WTC (World "Truth" Center) that drew people in. Broadcasting information over a microphone. Lots of cameras/media coverage documenting it. Great campus location.

Well done.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Wonderful messages and Graphics!

Whoever put these monoliths together did a fantastic job. Very Clear Messages. This is what the public needs in order to receive the information. Great work! Thanks for all the effort put forth!

you guys put together an

you guys put together an excellent 911 info sharing gathering. power to you.

The tide is turning; we're a

The tide is turning; we're a thundering, BOOMING tidal wave rising but not cresting just yet.
Nothing can stop us, and the truth! Here in NYC over the past several days, the people are hungry, THIRSTY for the truth! They know there's been a cover-up. From the firemen, police and first responders to the taxi & bus drivers, Fed Ex and UPS. We got the nods. We got the thumbs up. They know. We know. We have to keep this up 'til the rest of this country knows! Great job U. of Texas!

You are us;
We are you;

Rock on -


GREAT pictures!

Feel free to add them to this Flickr group I created for all of yesterday's actions:

Those props are great, how'd you make them?

The inflatable towers are

The inflatable towers are the work of the PNACitizen group. It was a great location for this thing on the UT campus.

I'd like to know how they made those tower signs

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